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Sekrit Rools: The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber

Originally posted: Mar. 17th, 2006 at 12:51 AM on livejournal

The following is a parody for humor purposes only: it is not an in-depth analysis. For a definition of “Sekrit Rool” go here

Once again, yes, even though I mock, there is still a tiny kernal of love so this is all in fun with fluffy treecats of please don’t flame me or I’ll inflict the buzzsaw of fuzzy death on you. This is all about David Weber’s Honor Harrington novels, what I remember of them. Continue reading


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Why Jame Is Not a Mary Sue

Previously posted in another journal: 04-18-2008

So, two people tops on my LJ flist are going to know what the hell I’m talking about. This however has never stopped me before. Yes friends, this is the long anticipated, “why Jame is not a Mary Sue Despite Having Mary Sue-like qualities,” meta-essay. I’ve written a synopsis of the series elsewhere.

Jame Talissen is the main protagonist of a series of books by an excellent if –unlucky in choice of publishing companies–author. The Kencyr novels by P.C. Hodgell takes the usual tropes of epic or, “high” fantasy such as The Dark Lord and the Battle Between Good and Evil and turns everything sideways. The heroes chosen to fight for the Light are bitter, resentful, occasionally corrupt and fighting more out of a sense of duty and desperation rather than for Good, and the forces of Darkness are not so much evil as they are utterly alien and toxic to the life of the universes they’re invading. Continue reading

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Book Review: Redemption Alley, by Lilith Saintcrow

Orbit Fantasy/Horror,
311 pgs.

Redemption Alley, Book 3 (Jill Kismet)This is the third book in the Jill Kismet series. In order to explain the events of the third books, I suppose I should give you a general idea of what the first two were like: a) Traditional romance where the Heroine must choose between two men, one of whom is a schmuck, and the other one who is not a schmuck. b) An Urban fantasy featuring the now very common Bad Ass Babe who may or may not have supernatural abilities, and may or may not be involved in a criminal justice field. c) A Dark Urban Fantasy where the hero/ine has made a Faustian bargain in order to fight crime/obtain justice/be really kick ass. d) Traditional romance in which the male and female protagonists fight and bicker constantly because this is a sign that they’re really meant for each other. The Jill Kismet series is obviously a thing of many parts, many of them done before. (But the same can be said of any fantasy or even mainstream work of fiction.) Continue reading

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