Sekrit Rools: Barbara Hambly

The following is a parody for humor purposes only: it is not an in-depth analysis. For a definition of “Sekrit Rool” go here

Hambly is a writer whose tropes tend to be nearly universal across her fantasy works, from Dragonsbane to the Darwath Trilogy. (I haven’t checked to see if the same is true of her mysteries.) She’s a favorite writer of mine, though there are a couple books I just can’t read because they’re just a little too grim and dark for me to read. She’s good at conveying strong emotions, and deathless loves and on a few memorable occasions, certain scenes have reduced me to tears or made me laugh hysterically. At the same time, certain characters of hers have made me twitch

1. The Geek will always get the Girl. Conversely, the Girl will always get the Geek.

2. You can tell the truth until you’re blue in the face, and no one will believe you. Or they will think you said something completely the opposite of what you actually said.

3. Magic user=Oppressed Minority. (Or occasionally, Evil Enemy Overlord.)

4. It can always, always, ALWAYS get worse.

5. Fairies and elves and other supernatural beings have more in common with Chthulhu than with Galadriel.

6. There will be evil homosexuals. Who will be pedophiles. Foppish ones.

7. Did we mention the part where it can always get worse? We really mean that.

8.The batshit insane guy is the only one who knows what’s really going on.

9. Being batshit insane is actually a very successful survival trait: you should try it some time! 😀

10. You can never be too paranoid.

11. “Can’t sleep, the Dark will eat me,” is not just a funny meme.

12. Entropy wins.

13. Also, chances are good that things will get worse.


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