Sekrit Rools: The Saga of Pliocine Exile by Julian May

Originally posted on Live Journal Mar. 31st, 2006 

The following is a parody for humor purposes only: it is not an in-depth analysis. For a definition of “Sekrit Rool” go here

It’s either a sign of otherwise good writing, or morbid curiosity on my part that made me read and finish this series…over a period of several years…(The books in the series tend to be hard to find.) The only reason I completed it was because I really liked “Intervention.” I even liked the first book of the following trilogy that I can’t remember the name of, Jack the Bodiless though not Diamond Mask and Magnificat. When Julian May is good she’s good when she’s bad the book goes flying. Given the lengthof time between the Rools I’m writing, and between the reading of the books, details may have been lost or conflated.

1. a. Even shiny happy utopias have malcontents.

b. Instead of letting the malcontents go off on their own to other planets/communities in the present, why not suggest they take a one-way camping trip into the distant past via a Time Travel Plot Device?

c. Where they get enslaved by aliens who were exiled from their own happy shiny utopia because they wanted to practice their religion which involves killing each other in ritualized warfare. (Which may explain rool 1. b. )

2.a. Mars Tanu want women! (And so do the Firvulag!) Once the initial shock and awe wears off no on seems to really care, not even the women getting impregnated, except in an abstract way because after all, some of them get promoted from brood mare to concubine or even wife (yippy skippy). Stockholm syndrome is not mentioned because Stockholm is where women live on a permanent basis, apparently.
b. Why weren’t any of the male humans pressed into bordello-like stud service, is what I want to know.

3. Children gestated in artificial wombs have more mental and emotional problems that children gestated in real uteri with actual womb-juice.

4.a. Despite being rapists, slavers, and homicidal maniacs, the Tanu are not the bad guys.
b. Ditto on the Firvulag (who were the slightly nicer homicidal maniacs.)
c. No, not even the human terrorist with the nickname of “The Angel of the Abyss” and “Apollyon” is the bad guy.

5. Brains in a can, dude. brains in a can.

6. Pain can unblock latent telepaths, but being kinky and liking pain is Bad and Wrong (omg!)

7. Bull dykes are bull dykes because they were Horribly Abused As a Child, and not because you know, they’re bull dykes.

8. Sadistic bastard torturers deserve sympathy and shelter when the psychotic chick they’ve driven into madness goes Darth Rosenberg and decides she wants to return the favor. Psycho chick however, deserves none.

9.a. The “racial memory” of homids who probably aren’t that closely related, and are about as sentient as a really bright dog will be largely responsible for Irish Mythology.
b. No, really.

10. Weren’t most equids during the Pliocine dog sized?


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