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Book Review: Bone Dance by Emma Bull

315 pp.

Bone Dance: A Fantasy for TechnophilesI first encountered this book back in the nineties. It is a post apocalyptic science fantasy with a lot of interesting ideas and some great adventure. Bone Dance was reprinted last year into trade paperback format along with War for the Oaks (another favorite of mine). It fits into both the science fiction and urban fantasy genres, and has a theme and concept that can be defined as “hoodoo punk.”

The protagonist of the story is Sparrow, a trader who deals in movies and tapes, music and sound systems, and recovery and repair of everything from television sets to projectors. Sparrow is hired to find a lost movie supposedly about the Horsemen, a covert and extremely secret service operation formed of powerful psychics with the ability to among other things, jump from body to body and possess people. According to the legends surrounding this possibly mythical movie, the production of which was canceled on account of everyone involved coming to a bad end. Continue reading


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Voices in the Dark

I am actually more used to other people telling me about their paranormal encounters than in experiencing the supernatural directly. I have had acquaintances tell me about their haunted house, or about having been haunted or even possessed. (A few acquaintances have also claimed to have been abducted or at least contacted by aliens, but that is a different article.) And while I’m convinced there really was something down in the basement and had a terror of the grates and heating vents of one of the houses I lived in when I was a kid, I haven’t “seen” anything like the sort of phenomena my acquaintances talked about.

Of course, that was because it was dark.

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Book Review: Threshold, by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor

309 pp.

Threshold (Boundary)

The sequel to Boundary finds the Ares crew getting ready to do a little more exploration, looking for new “Bemmie” bases in the solar system. This may be a somewhat difficult project, since the US is still fuming about the steps taken by Madeline Fathom to ensure that “fair play” would win the day. Funding has definitely become an issue, as well as logistics. Another matter of concern is elements within the European Union, who would like to have access to the next base found (and those same elements may be willing to engage in a little foul play in order to get that access.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Flesh Circus, by Lilith Saintcrow

322 pp

Flesh Circus (Jill Kismet book 4)I very much did not like this book–but your mileage may vary. (I’m not really fond of this particular series in general–Jill Kismet is even more “standard babe with gun urban fantasy romance” than Saintcrow’s previous “standard babe with a gun urban fantasy romance” series heroine, Dante Valentine.) I had many problems with the plotting and world building, to the point where I was very reluctant to write a review. (Very, very reluctant, I bought and read the book a few months ago.) Continue reading

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All I Want is the Last Word

Cross posted from A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances

I have been in numerous ridiculous arguments about ridiculous things. Occasionally it happens that I am right and someone else is wrong. I am not very good at arguing , and I tend to lose most debates because I tend not to be very well spoken, and I am generally not considered a font of wisdom or even common sense by the folks I have argued with in the past. These are a few examples of arguments I have been in, where I have been right, and the other person persisted in being wrong (and not even wrong on the Internet, but in meatspace). Continue reading

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Book Review: Endless Blue, by Wen Spencer

495 pp.

Endless BlueThis book gave me a deep nostalgic feeling for the works of Jo Clayton. (There might also be some of Niven’s Known Space in the flavor, but I’m mostly reminded of the patchwork anomaly worlds and environments within Clayton’s paracosm.) Despite the feeling of nostalgia, it was a difficult book to read due to deep knee jerk hatred for certain plot points and social mores. (In other words, I was in a bad position of loving some of the characters while wanting most of their world/universe/society to die in a blaze of napalm. This is not a comfortable feeling to have, most of the time.) Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Finale of Fullmetal Alchemist

Chapter 108 of Fullmetal Alchemist really ends with a bang. I have been following both the second anime series (intermittently) and the manga run (continuously) so I was excited to see that the fan-translated finale was up. These last few chapters have been constant action accompanied by some amazing twists and turns. There were places where the action was a little hard to follow but the dramatic tension and sense of peril does a very good job of pulling you along. Continue reading

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