Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher

342 pp.
Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)Fool Moon is the second book in The Dresden Files. This book is mostly about werewolves. (You have to figure if there are vampires the werewolves will turn up sooner or later.) More specifically, it is about several different kinds of wolves, none of whom are contagious.

The book opens with Harry refusing to help someone learn a powerful binding spell.(On the assumption that anything that would need to be contained by the spell is something, the person he is tutoring should not be trying to summon.) This turns out later to have been a mistake. 

Harry is suffering from a complete lack of business when he gets a call to check out the scene of a murder. Though there had been a severe breech in the friendship between detective Karrin Murphy and Harry due to a lack of trust, she asks him to come out and see the scene of the crime. The victim is one of Johnny Marcone’s henchmen (again) but this time the murder appears to have been committed by people with a wolf fetish (or so it is assumed). A few other deaths in a similar style have been occurring in relation to a nature part a group of environmentalists is trying to create. To Harry, the situation is pointing toward “werewolves” a subject he is not readily familiar with.

Life gets even more interesting for Harry when Johnny Marcone attempts to hire him,and the leader of a werewolf gang tries to kill him. It also turns out that the person he had been tutoring in magic had been trying to help a werewolf with a family curse, and ended up dead in the attempt. As things begin to heat up it becomes clear that this is some kind of set up, but which group of werewolves is trying to scapegoat the others?

I ended up going through this book very quickly. I think it only took me a few hours to work my way through most of it. This is a quick read in the sense that it’s so engrossing you read more quickly to find out what happens next. The mystery aspects of the story are suspenseful, and the action parts are exciting. I recommend both this book, and the prequel, and the next sequel, Grave Peril, which I’ve mostly read all the way through already.   



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4 responses to “Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher

  1. WCG

    Thanks for the reviews, Rena. I really need to try this series sometime. I keep hearing about it, but I've had a hard time working up enough interest.

  2. It's pretty good, I'm pretty much zooming through the series at the moment.

  3. Slight correction: it's Johnny Marcone, not Tony.Also, it's interesting, as a lot of folks regard Fool Moon as one of Butcher's weaker books. (Even though I love the Alphas. They're awesome.)

  4. ^_^; Fixed.I liked it,over all, I'm not/wasn't familiar enough with his work to judge how weak or strong the book is.

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