Book Review: Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

378 pp.

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)Grave Peril is the third book in The Dresden Files. In this book, Harry has to deal with his fairy godmother (no, believe me when I say that is not actually something to laugh about) problems, an enemy that is raising the dead, and an invitation to a vampire ball. We are also introduced to Michael, a Knight of the Cross and the bearer of one of three magical swords. (Apparently, Harry calls on Michael in cases where he needs a paladin in his party.)

During a hard day of ghost busting, Harry discovers that various spirits are being goaded into haunting by some sort of spell that is torturing them and driving them mad. He also learns that the barrier between the “real world” and the “Nevernever” has become unstable as a result of the actions of whoever had been setting the spell. His investigation leads him to the discovery of an enemy in the form of an energy-stealing entity he dubs The Nightmare, who is being moved by someone who is acting from the shadows.

Harry seems to be very good at making enemies. So far, he has his fairy godmother who is angry with him because he keeps finding ways to slip out of the deal he had originally made with her (when he was much younger and much more stupidly reckless than he is now). He has a female “red court” vampire who is angry with him because his actions caused her to commit involuntary manslaughter. He has a dead sorcerer gunning for him and also attacking his friends. The wife of his paladin friend Michael hates his guts because every time her husband goes on an adventure with him, he gets hurt. (And also, he nearly gets the wife killed because of an altercation involving the fairy godmother.)

Despite the cyclone of disaster that seems to follow him around, Harry manages to survive the various enemies he manages to create. This is because despite his ability to make enemies at the drop of a hat, he also has the ability to make good friends.  If he did not have his friends to pull his bacon out of the fire, he would not be nearly as interesting or entertaining a character, because he would have been dead by the end of the first book. (So far, I’d have to say what is drawing me along the most with this series is Harry’s ability to escape the various troubles he manages to get himself into.)

At the end, Harry manages to get a “restraining order” of sorts on his fairy godmother. Unfortunately, his girlfriend ends up being kidnapped by vampires, he loses Michael’s sword, and on top of that, starts a war with the vampires. (Though technically, he is just an excuse to start one.)

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  1. I really like Grave Peril as it opens a lot of the ongoing plot* regarding the vampires, which plays out until the most recent novel. (And, by that time, has introduced more trouble.) * Though the first two have things that come back to bite Harry… as you can see here.

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