Un-Valentine: Dumping the Kender, or I Get Sick of the Run Around

The situation as it stood, couldn’t last very long. I had managed to get very attached to the Kender, but half the time I think he had just become a habit. (A very bad one.) The formula that was the disaster this relationship was would run something like this; the Kender and I would fight. Usually about everything we disagreed with, which was everything. I was a baby liberal, he was a baby conservative, he was irresponsible and I was irritated with his lack of responsibility, we fought about everything. The fighting would come to a head when he’d suddenly say that “maybe we should see other people,” and then I would be horribly upset and then we’d eventually make up. After making up, everything would be fine, until the next time we started fighting.


This cycle would go on for a few months, and we must have gone through enough of them that I started to see a pattern. I tried to bring up the pattern in question a few times to the Kender, but he brushed it off. After another one of these cycles, I attempted to explain again, but when he tried to brush me off I went, “No Kender, if this happens again, this entire relationship is over.”

I think he thought I was joking.

Fast forward a couple months, and the Kender proposes. I accept, more out of sheer confusion than anything else. During this time, my parents are saying that they have no intention of helping me put together a wedding. The Kender is also saying he has no intention of helping me put together a wedding. (Apparently it’s the bride’s family’s job.) I am deeply unhappy about this situation, and I have no idea of what to do about it, particularly since the Kender didn’t seem willing to set a date for the wedding I had no idea of how to arrange for.

There was a series of arguments. The Kender said his deadly phrase of “maybe we should see other people.” I got very upset. This time however we didn’t eventually make up.

The Kender drove me home and walked me up to the door. As walk up to the door I say, “Kender, do you remember what I said the last time we had one of these fights?”

He said no.

I explained the entire cycle of bullcrap we had going and said, “I told you that if you did this to me again, that it would be over.” I opened the door, and slammed the door in his face. Screaming and yelling might have been involved.

The Kender I think did not want to believe that I was serious, and I had to explain several times that yes, I was extremely serious about not wanting to see him ever again. I am not sure the family understood how serious I was about not wanting to see him, because my brother was still friends with him, and my mother would occasionally mention seeing him.

All in all, I think it was a happy ending for all of us.

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