Manga Review: Pig Bride Volume Two

Pig Bride Volume Two, KookHwa Huh/Sujin Kim

Pig Bride, Vol. 2 (v. 2)
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Volume two of Pig Bride continues from the cliffhanger in volume one. Doe-Doe Eun is snooping around Si-Joon’s house in the company of Ji-Oh, who has been assigned to escort her by Si-Joon. (Ji-Oh really can’t stand Doe-Doe and is not shy about letting her know this. Doe-Doe can’t figure out why he dislikes her so much. Hint: Maybe he’s a good judge of character.) Ji-Oh eventually abandons her, and Doe-Doe has a brief encounter with Mu-Hwa.

Our Hero Si-Joon is desperately looking for Mu-Yeon who has disappeared and has a bad habit of showing up at exactly the wrong moment. He finds her under a tree asleep, and has a very strong sense of déjà vu that turns into a full on vision of a two people in old fashioned clothes. He is a little bit confused on waking up because he has no idea of who he was dreaming about, or why he comes out of the vision practically in Mu-Yeon’s lap. Mu-Hwa and Ji-Oh turn up and this turns into an impromptu cook out.

Doe-Doe finds out about Mu-Yeon and is not happy. She heads out to where the cook out is, and Mu-Yeon tells her sister to attack Doe-Doe, which outrages Si-Joon. He takes her back to the house, but it turns out that the reason why Mu-Yeon told Mu-Hwa to attack is because Doe-Doe is possessed. There ensues a battle between the spirit influencing Doe-Doe and Mu-Yeon, and the actual banishment more or less destroys Our Heroes room. Doe-Doe is knocked out by the banishment and Mu-Yeon collapses as well.

After the mess, Doe-Doe does not have a clear memory of anything that happened except for having learned that Si-Joon apparently has a fiancé. We learn that Doe-Doe is deliberately gunning for Si-Joon because his family is rich, and she is being groomed/sponsored by her mother who is the principal of the school that she goes to. (Apparently, Doe-Doe had been adopted by a family with a good name but not a lot of cash as part of some long and complicated get-rich scheme concocted by her mother. I think.) The principal tells her to find out about Mu-Yeon and we go to the continuing adventures of Mu-Yeon and Si-Joon.

Mu-Yeon and her sister are still hanging around the school because they’re trying to protect Si-Joon from any further attacks. Unfortunately, they are both very visible and Mu-Yeon is discovered by one of Si-Joon’s classmates. Si-Joon very quickly makes up a story that Mu-Yeon is his cousin, and she wears the mask because of a horrible illness that permanently disfigured her.

For some reason, Si-Joon’s home is chosen as the place where his fencing team will stay for training camp. Doe-Doe and the cross-stitch club is also there because apparently the cross-stich club goes where ever the fencing club does. (I guess it’s because they’re both wielding needles or something.) This puts Si-Joon into a panic and he desperate tries to find Mu-Yeon so that he can keep her hidden. For some reason, Ji-Oh takes this to mean that despite Si-Joon’s loud statements of denial, he cares about Mu-Yeon and wants to protect her.

Unfortunately, Mu-Yeon gets discovered by one of Si-Joon’s classmates. Somehow, she ends up telling fortunes, which is when Si-Joon finds her. After an introduction, Doe-Doe decides this would be a perfect opportunity to find out more about Mu-Yeon and she more or less kidnaps her, dragging her off to “talk.” The talk is cut short after Mu-Yeon warns Doe-Doe off Si-Joon and Doe-Doe attacks Mu-Yeon. In the scuffle, Doe-Doe ends up hold Mu-Yeon’s mask, and we end the volume with that.

The story line continues to be cute and rather amusing, but the mean girl antics of Doe-Doe and the machinations of her mother are kind of annoying.

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