Manga Review: Tena on S-String Volume Two, Sesuna Mikabe

Tena on S-String, Vol. 2
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In the opening of this volume, we are introduced to a young woman named Arun. She is a Tuner from a very upper important family of Tuners and is greatly admired by everyone for her ability. She is apparently the cool and apparently emotionally clueless type. Her brother Lord Forteo on the other hand has enough emotion for three of her. He greets her enthusiastically and they talk about the competition. Arun states that the competition (as opposed to cooperation) seems like it would actively hinder everyone’s efforts, but the brother states that the competition is intended to improve everyone’s abilities in the long run on future missions.It turns out that Arun will be going to Japan to take place in this competition (where she will undoubtedly run into our poor Kyosuke).

Kyosuke meanwhile has been shoved out of his room and most of the house that he’s renting. He is currently camped out in the entry hall because Tena, Sopra and Mezzo and their things have taken up the entire house, except for he music room. When Tena suggest that he go sleep in the music room instead he says that he can’t endure the pity of his students. (I think they would be just as pitying with him in the entry if not more.)Tena decides to go shopping and bullies Kyosuke. Tena buys him a composition book but Kyosuke refuses to accept it, which provokes a fight between them. Meanwhile, Sopra and Mezzo study the “parasitic notes” that have incorporated themselves with his soul-score. They come up with a solution for the problem of rival tuners trying to capture or kill Kyosuke in the form of a ring that can camouflage his soul-score.This turns out to come in handy, because he meets Arun, our previously introduced tuner, who has lost her map and phrasebook. Kyosuke decides to help her out. They end up going to a Kabuki theater where Kyosuke realizes that Arun is rich and possibly some kind of Very Important Person. (Arun denies this but in such a way that she sounds like an alien princess.) As they watch the play, Arun senses something odd about Kyosuke, but can’t identify what it might be.

Meanwhile, Tena is trying to get the owner of a store to sell her candy. (The story is closing and the shop keeper believes that sometimes the customer should go home when the store closes.) She is unsuccessful. Then she runs into a guy she apparently knows–and does not like.

Kyosuke is not too worried that Tena never came home that night after an argument they had. (I suppose he figures someone like Tena can take care of herself.) Later, Kyosuke runs into Arun again and ends up playing tour guide for her. (He really does seem to end up getting dragged all over the place doesn’t he?) They talk about music and composition and then Tena comes barreling out of nowhere with guy chasing after her. The guy seems to think that he and Tena are going to get married, despite Tena’s declarations of hatred. Tena immediately decides to use Kyosuke as a shield.

This guy was very popular at the school that Tena went to, and apparently decided that since Tena could not be bothered with his conceited behavior that this meant he and Tena were soul mates. Somehow, he and Kyosuke end up in a competition to see who could bring Tena a box of expensive dango to her first. The race is a draw, and crows steal the dango. Mystery man heads off into the sunset, swearing he’ll prove himself to Tena, but Tena still does not care. (I have no idea who this guy is as his name isn’t given–I looked.)

Tena complains about her severe lack of dango and Kyosuke promises to make her some more and buy her more of the expensive kind. Tena is thrilled, then remembers that she’s made and Kyosuke and they argue some more. Kyosuke gives up whatever obscure point he was justifying his refusal of Tena’s gift and accepts the composition book. We end with a more or less peaceful resolution to their argument as Kyosuke rides his bike home with Tena sitting behind him.


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