Close Call Averted…I Think.

My previous adventures in college–my first one any way–was remarkably horrible. I am a very awkward non-social person who occasionally does or says strange things due to not understanding what was said in the first place. (The more nervous and upset I am the more likely it is I will mishear something because I am too nervous to think straight. I also seem to have issues where I have trouble talking to more than one person, or understanding people when there is a lot of background noise–and for me, a lot of background noise can be the air conditioner running.) So during my first school experience I already had a reputation of being extremely odd and freakish.

The general impression of freakish behavior and personality only increased when the people in the class discovered I was pagan. (I would normally not have told them about my religious beliefs but I was more or less forced to by the instructor.) I was basically interrogated, harassed and accused by everyone including the instructor. This is not what this post is about, this is just a little backstory to explain why I nearly had a meltdown last week.

So, the most recent course I’m in is Sociology. Apparently I am one of only two people in the class who are in the DeVry program as opposed to the nursing/medical school (Chamberlain). One of the persons taking this course was one of the people from the school I originally attended. I will call her Bernice. Bernice’s real name is extremely unique and is one of the few names I remember from that first school. So I was a little surprised to hear it, but was not sure if this was the same Bernice who I had known before or someone else with the same unique name.

So I kept looking at her, and trying to remember what the “other” Bernice looked like. (This would be inappropriate eye contact, which is another thing I’m really good at doing by accident.) A little later during the class the instructor is talking about the differences in the school lanyards, and he says that Bernice mentioned my lanyard. This made me twitch a little and ask, “she was talking about me?” In a very fast sharp voice. I was assured this was not the case, but I became more convinced that this was the Bernice that I knew.

One the second day of class I was extremely apprehensive, but aside from the occasional glance in her direction I managed not to do anything too odd. After class I talked to the instructor to ask him if he could please see to it that I was never in a group with her. He basically said in response that it would have to be my job to avoid being in a group with her. I sighed, and decided that this would just have to be a “learning” experience for me.

I should point out here that Bernice did successfully graduate the course she had taken, and had gone on to be a counselor for drug addicts. I am sure that the instructor figured that Bernice being a professional within his own skill set (he was a marriage counselor and a social worker) would continue to be so.

This turned out to not be an issue because this Monday, Bernice was not in class. She was not in class today either, and when we were signing in, I noticed that her very unique name was not on the class list. (Needless to say this made me extremely happy.) I am a little curious about whether she dropped and if the presence of the [School VIP type person who visited our class last *Wednesday] had anything to do with Bernice having apparently dropped the course or otherwise transferred. I am currently debating whether or not I should ask about the situation, or if I need to.

*I’m pretty sure it was Wednesday.


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