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Random Thoughts on Omnitopia: Dawn.

Okay, I was re-reading Omnitopia: Dawn by Diane Duane and it occurred to me that Dev Logan’s business model and sense of responsibility toward his employees/players does not in any way fit a corporate model. (At least, not the corporate model as I understand it from my Introduction to Business class and the general attitude of business types in the news.)

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Dear Gina, it Appears I Must Explain About Werewolves

For some reason, you have once more reviewed a show in a genre you do not like. You disliked it so much you felt compelled to spend most of the time comparing it to a series neither of us like, which would be Twilight. The show you decided review was Teen Wolf, which is several miles up the road from Twilight and if it’s following either the movie or the 80s cartoon, it is blessedly free of *Native American (coded or actual)werewolves. Continue reading

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Book Review: Magic Lost, Trouble Found, by Lisa Shearin

Ace Fantasy
345 pp.

Magic Lost, Trouble Found (Raine Benares, Book 1)By rights, I should probably dislike this book. We have elves who are pretty much just humans with Vulcan ear caps, snappy and entirely too modern patter and Hollywood Backlot Fantasy Venice. It’s part “someone’s role playing campaign turned novel” and part “Garret P.I. Light.” I’d also say it had a lot in common with the Vlad Taltos novels, though Our Heroine of course does not engage in criminal activity, just her family. For some reason I was also strongly reminded of Eric Flint’s The Philosophical Strangler, though there isn’t actually a great deal in common between the books.  (There is of course nothing wrong with Garret P.I. or writing a novel based from a roleplaying campaign that was Just that Amazing. It wanders into “Argh, no, wait, stop,” territory when combined with Backlot Fantasy City and modern patter.) Continue reading


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My School Socio-Autobiography

This was my final assignment for my Sociology class. We had to write a paper about events in our lives that influenced our school experience.What I wrote was about my previous attempts at going into college and how I ended up going to DeVry.I got an A for this assignment, though I feel that it still needed/needs a lot of work. The sociological themes I addressed are pretty much all over the place. I do include some references to what I feel are examples of entrenched sexism, and I think I have an overall “conflict theory” basis for a lot of the paper. I’m posting this here primarily as a frame of  reference for any future school-related stories that I tell. Continue reading

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Dealing with Dysfunction in Your Family

While it is very true that no family is perfect and there will always be problems of one kind or another, it is also true that some families are even less perfect. The hardest part of dealing with dysfunctional situations is first handling your own reactions to that situation and the various issues surrounding it. While I do have some experience with family problems (due to being the center of the problem more often than not) I am not a counselor or therapist, so consider your own situation carefully before acting on any of my advice and (if you have one) talk to your therapist.

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Outline of ElfQuest 6-10 by Richard and Wendy Pini

Elfquest: Archives, Volume 2

THE FORBIDDEN GROVE(issues 6-10) takes place five years after the events of JOURNEY TO SORROW’S END. Cutter and Leetah have become a very close couple, and now they have twins, the insanely adorable Suntop and Ember. The life the Wolfriders have lived for the past five years has been peaceful and idyllic, but the oasis paradise gets a handful of unwanted human visitors,which prompts the Grand Quest–Cutter’s attempt to find other tribes of elves.Again, my general agreement with the overall worldview of “The Elves Can Do No Wrong, The Humans Can Mostly Do Not Right Unless They Like Elves” started to falter after a while.

SAVAH: *is having an out of body experience.*

*Bad touch is bad.*

SAVAH:Meep!*Wakes up.* Continue reading

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Who are You Again?

I have a chronically bad memory for names and only a limited ability to attach names to faces. People I don’t know or don’t know well tend to be faceless and almost completely interchangeable with any other person until I’ve interacted with them long enough that they are distinguishable. This is a problem that has followed me throughout my school and work experience. I also have almost no talent with small talk, which in general, has made most of my social experiences highly unpredictable at best. Continue reading

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