Work History

This is a general overview of my work experience. I’ve had very few jobs up to now, and until the past few years I was generally able to get a new job quickly. This changed in 2009 when I was laid off due to lack of work from a small electronic parts shop. Some of the work history I’m listing here is for a frame of reference for some of my work stories.


My first job ever was right out of high school. I was a carry out at a grocery store. There isn’t much to write about, except it was occasionally stressful when people I didn’t get along with in high school would come into the store and make my life annoying. And sometimes, I’d get screamed at for no reason by little old men. I seem to be the kind of person that business managers like to keep in the lowest possible position–because despite good reviews from supervisors, the manager didn’t want to promote me.


My second job was at a department store. What I mostly did there was sales support jobs like stocking shelves, offloading trucks and cleaning up after customers. Assume the usual amount of social fail on my part–I am not good at talking to co-workers or to my supervisors. I tend to keep to myself a lot, though I generally get along well with customers (except when I didn’t).

I had many instances of social failure, which tended to make advancement an unlikely proposition. The department store was basically falling apart, and when it rained, everyone who worked on the dock had to vacuum out the these plastic tarp/wood frame “pools” that had been set out to catch the water. The second floor was almost entirely off limits because of these pools, and the water would leak all the way to the first floor, where we had to clean up soaked ceiling tiles.


The third job was at market research call center where I did surveys over the phone. This was a much less stressful job in a lot of ways because I didn’t have to talk to people face to face. I still had some trouble with my voice/tone, but generally I was able to keep my tone of voice more or less modulated and friendly. I also had some problems with not being able to shift between the script and “conversational” interactions. It was hard for me to tell when it was “okay” to deviate from the script in some cases, though when I did it was often the right move to make. This was the first job I was ever laid off from.


The fourth job was doing Quality Assurance at a electronic parts shop. This involved making sure that electronic parts had been constructed according to the directions and that all the necessary tests had been done. This was a very complicated and fast paced job–I liked the general work environment and my supervisors. Because it was a very high-stress position, I was briefly moved to a more administrative position that had less of a deadline–this involved adding up the times on routing sheets to find out if the part had been made in the amount of time specified by the planning. This was a lot easier, and I was hoping to see about learning the procedures for shipping parts and other admin/clerical jobs–but I was laid off a year after my hire date due to the recession.


I am currently going to school for web graphic design. I am also working as a freelance writer and in affiliate marketing. I’m hoping to build more of a readership this year. I like to write about a variety of topics, but my favorite things to write about involve fantasy and science fiction, comic books, manga and anime. Other topics I like to write about are religion, feminist issues, disability, mental illness, relationships and psychology. 


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