Manga Review: Pig Bride Volume Five, KookHwa Huh/Sujin Kim

 Pig Bride, Vol. 5Mu-Yeon and her sister Mu-Hwa are now attending Si-Joon’s school. This information puts Si-Joon into a mildly jealous state since without a mask Mu-Yeon is attracting boys like ants to sugar. Meanwhile, the clique that Doe-Doe has gathered around her is starting to doubt her abilities as “queen bee” of the school and the principal is putting pressure on her to make Mu-Yeon’s life miserable. Doe-Doe however is extremely conflicted about what to do, since she has developed a crush on Ji-Oh and no longer wants to pursue her rivalry with Mu-Yeon.

Currently,the largest obstacle standing between Mu-Yeon and Si-Joon is Si-Joon’s grandfather, who definitely does not approve of the match since Mu-Yeon does not come from an important or prestigious family. In order to prove herself,she decides to enroll in a contest regularly held at the school. (It is somewhat like a debutante ball crossed with a beauty pageant.)  Si-Joon definitely does not like the idea of her being in the contest. His reasoning is that Mu-Yeon does not really have all the skills that the girls she would be competing with. He attempts to forbid Mu-Yeon from entering the contest, but she does so anyway.

(Okay, so she’s gone from trying to prove that Si-Joon’s previous incarnation really did love her previous incarnation to trying to prove that she’s actually a suitable bride. I am not sure this is a step in the right direction, kid. She’s just a little ball of insecure angst, isn’t she?)

Si-Joon’s mother of course thinks this is a wonderful idea because she has always wanted a daughter she could dress up like a doll.

Thebeauty pageant has its ups and downs, with the other contestants being extremely catty toward Mu-Yeon, and Mu-Yeon trying to wobble around in high heels. (She has until now, only worn flat soled shoes.) The grandfather of course is in the audience and he is not happy that Mu-Yeon had been enrolled in the school. Heis even less happy after watching her on stage because he can apparently sense that Mu-Yeon has a great deal of “ki” energy. His main worry appears to be that something about her will overwhelm Si-Joon.

The creepy principle is talking up Doe-Doe to Si-Joon’s grandfather, while counting all of her eggs before they even hatch. The talent part of the show is taking place and Doe-Doe is taking out the competition. When Mu-Yeon turn comes up Si-Joon accidentally shaves off quite a few points; he attempts to help Mu-Yeon with her makeup. His help pretty much has the opposite effect. Si-Joon: the least Metrosexual man in the world, maybe even the universe. More problems occur when it turns out that someone has sabotaged Mu-Yeon’s calligraphy set, breaking the inkstone.

Behind the scenes, Doe-Doe is quietly and then not so quietly, having a panic attack. Doe-Doe has learned the “do not mess with happy fun Mu-Yeon” lesson very well. The other contestants are not impressed by Doe-Does warnings and are beginning to become a little annoyed with poor Doe-Doe. The girls ignore her warnings and continue with their efforts to get rid of Mu-Yeon, with the predictable consequences.

Unfortunately,the elemental temper tantrum Mu-Yeon pitches cannot fix the broken inkstone and Mu-Yeon stands in danger of being disqualified. Si-Joon’s grandfather gets ready to stomp out of the building. Si-Joon decides to give Mu-Yeon a pep-talk,talking about the more esoteric aspects of Mu-Yeon’s education. So the talent show part of the contest continues with Mu-Yeon deciding to show off her skills at being a fortuneteller. (Something she is very good at.) The fortune telling is interrupted by the grandfather’s bad knee decides to act up, which does nothing for his temper.

Mu-Yeon comes forward to offer to help the grandfather. It turns out that the reason that the old man’s knee had been bothering him had been due to the fact that a ghost was latching onto his leg in an effort to get his attention. (The ghost was a small child who had died of starvation. Before the grandfather had become a successful business man, he had run a business that had sold cheap food to the poor. Eventually, the grandfather had become successful enough to raise his prices and this somehow resulted in his being haunted by the ghost.) With the problem solved the grandfather decides that Mu-Yeon can be allowed to marry Si-Joon, and everyone lived happily until the epilog.


PoorSi-Joon’s honeymoon is less than honey-filled due to Mu-Yeon deciding to impart meaningful life lessons in the form of forcing Si-Joon to work for a living. Despite the horror of substandard living conditions and sewing eyeballs onto stuffed animals, he gradually comes to appreciate the value of money. We end on a happy note, and the end scenes hint at future successes for everyone.


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