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Let Me Explain: You Did Not Learn About Paganism from Andre Norton

Okay, this happened a very long time ago, and I am not even one of the people central to the tale. I only heard both sides of the story from the people involved who had no clear idea that I knew both of them. (And it actually took me a while to realize, “hey, small world, these two women are talking about each other!” While the stories were very similar, the spin was different enough that it was actually hard to make a connection between woman A and Woman B.) Continue reading


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Book Review: The Silent Strength of Stones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

244 pp.

The Silent Strength of Stones (A Chapel Hollow Novel)The Silent Strength of Stones takes place in the same universe as The Thread That Binds the Bones. Our Male Protagonist is a teenaged boy named Nick who is something of a creeper in that he likes to spy on the people living in the vacation cabins near the store he helps his father run. His creeping ways get him into considerable trouble when he meets a strange girl named Willow and her family. (The creeping was so emphasized by the summary on the back cover of the first edition I came across that I ended up avoiding the book for years until I finally decided to read it. I’m happy to say that while the creeper behavior is part of the plot, it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.) Continue reading

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On Trying to Be More Organized…

I am slowly, very slowly trying to be more organized. (Oddly enough, I tended to be more organized when I was working at my various previous jobs. It’s only at home that I tend to be a slob, go figure.)This list is going to be assessing my general level of organization on a room to room basis. Continue reading

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Book review: Norse Code by Greg van Eekhout

292 pp.

Norse CodeNorse Code does some interesting things with Norse mythology. It also does some interesting thing for the urban fantasy genre in that it has a more serious feel to it than a lot of the urban fantasy I have read lately (which is to say I have been mostly running into paranormal romances lately). Despite many humorous and silly moments, this is a fairly serious story, which is fitting considering it is about Ragnarok. Continue reading


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Book Review: The Snow Queen’s Shadow, by Jim C. Hines

337 pp.

The Snow Queen's Shadow (PRINCESS NOVELS)The Snow Queen’s Shadow goes into some harrowing territory. When Snow attempts to save Queen Beatrice’s life with magic fails, it breaks her magic mirror. The mirror turns out to have been powered by a demon which is now loose and immediately takes possession of Snow. Under the demon’s influence she manages to infect Danielle’s husband Armand with the demon’s influence and kidnaps her son Prince Jakob. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Two ==>John: Retrieve the package and retreat to your room!

Reading from here to here.

While John is brooding about the lack of SBURB in his mailbox our unseen player tries to get John to do something fairly gross. John resists the urge and continues his search for the elusive game. He sees a green package in the car, but can’t be sure whether or not the box is in fact his game. John peeks into the kitchen window, where he sees that a package has arrived and there is a SBURB logo.

John heads inside and when he goes into the kitchen he finds his father, who has apparently just finished making yet another birthday cake. (The animation here is pretty funny. There’s video game style music accompanied with a heartbeat as we’re shown a montage featuring 50’s era sitcom father get up accompanied by the dreaded cake.) What follows next is a video game battle between John and his father. There are two clickable options in this flash animation, Aggrieve and Abjure.  On the next page is another option, “Abscond” which you will not be able to do. Instead, John is going to get a pie in the face.

Continue reading

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Book Review: Naamah’s Blessing, by Jacqueline Carey

Grand CentralPublishing
610 pp.

Naamah's Blessing (Kushiel's Legacy)In this book, Moirin briefly returns to Terre d’Ange with her husband Bao, then ends up traveling through Central America (or rather, Terra Nova) in search of the missing Dauphin of Terre d’Ange. She also ends up acting as a sort of godparent to Jehanne and Daniel’s daughter Desirée and locks horns with her ex-lover Raphael who has put his ability to communicate with ants to very sinister use. Moirin also does her by now usual “fix a society by having sex with a ruler” shtick and manages to make friends in unusual places. (Yes, I am being flippant.) Continue reading

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