Ten Reasons I Despise Working in Groups

Our current class project is a group project.What’s interesting about this particular group project is that somehow I have become the leader/organizer of the group, which is something I have never done before. (I do not have mad leadership skills and people tend to ignore me.)

1. Crossed wires 

Chances are always very good that someone will not understand their role in the group. (Often that person is me.)

2. Who the heck am I supposed to pay attention to again?

In cases where there is no clear leader of the group, things tend to fall apart rapidly. Sometimes even with a leader things fall apart because the leader is not very good at explaining things.

3. Organization skills (or lack thereof)

Though the state of my home is generally moderate chaos, and my computer is not very organized I am actually obsessed with keeping things organized so that I can find them later. This means that “work” files will be consistently named and new versions will get a slightly different name to differentiate. (Organization is definitely an issue with my group.)

4. People doing the opposite of what you said to do.

This relates to the crossed wires point. They either didn’t understand what you wanted, or decided to do something completely different because they didn’t think your idea was the correct one. (This happens a lot. Often I am at fault because I couldn’t figure out what to do.)

5. General Frustration

I get really cranky when something isn’t going right. I generally blame myself when something doesn’t go right, often to a ridiculous extent`. (And there are various reasons I do this, most of them centered around all my other Issues.)

6. Communication Skills (things I do not have consistently.)

There are times when I can get a point across. There are times when the frozen molasses that are my thoughts are actually flowing. Generally speaking however this is not the case. (It is actually easier for me to communicate by text than by voice, though i still run into a lot of problems.) I do not always know when to enter a conversation and I do not generally know how to end one. (I have pissed off family and friends to a great extent because I hung up during a phone conversation because I thought the conversation was over when in fact I was apparently supposed to continue talking.)

7. People not being present or on time. 

This drives me insane. Especially since I go to great efforts to try to arrive EARLY.

8. Not knowing anyone in the group.  

This of course is something that happens even if I’ve been in the same class with someone for years. Because I am an introvert and because I am not good at being social suddenly finding myself in a group with people I don’t know is extremely unpleasant for me.


9.Interpersonal problems with the group.

Members of the group for some reason deciding that there is something “wrong” with me because of the aforementioned introversion and social awkwardness/odd quirk. (As an example, in high school two girls decided I needed to be harassed non-stop because I blinked too often. I am not lying. BLINKING.)


10. Nothing getting done in a timely and correct manner.

This relates to just about everything on the above list. I can understand feeling bogged down, I really, honestly do, and I understand procrastinating since that’s practically my middle name most of the time–but I like to get everything done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, and it seems like I get stuck in groups where everyone seems to be of the “slap it together at the last minute” persuasion.


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