On Trying to Be More Organized…

I am slowly, very slowly trying to be more organized. (Oddly enough, I tended to be more organized when I was working at my various previous jobs. It’s only at home that I tend to be a slob, go figure.)This list is going to be assessing my general level of organization on a room to room basis.

1. Kitchen/food storage: Is generally the most organized because I cook. However, jars of spices, bottles of cooking oil and the like tend to get left out. So for that matter does most of my cooking equipment and eating utensils. Various ingredients are put in specific places where I can find them. When I buy meat, I take the meat out of it’s container and divide it into portions, freezing them separately so I can cook exact amounts.

1.5. Dining Area: Okay, this would actually be the dining area if I had an actual dining table and chairs and did not have a cockatiel, a cat’s litterbox and a trash can living there. This area is generally pretty clean except for the bird seed. 

2. Bathroom: Okay. My bathroom lacks a medicine cabinet. That means everything went on the bathroom counter and was a piled up mess. Recently I got a small plastic chest of drawers from the store and it is now where all of my combs, hair ties and other things live. So my bathroom now looks much, much neater.

3. Bedroom: My bedroom is generally a mess. I have a bunch of bookshelves and a lot of my stuff tends to gravitate toward them. I also have wire stacking cubes where most of my other stuff lives. I have been getting much better about putting stuff away and finding better places to put things. (I am slightly hampered in regard to storage due to the fact that I am apparently The Keeper of My Friend’s Old Dungeons and Dragons Stuff Which I Swear I Will Send Back to Him Someday or Sell, Depending on How Annoyed I Am About Not Having Room.)

4. Living Room: The living room has it’s own piles of junk, which I have recently tamed with stacking trays and bookends. For various reasons, I’ve moved an old, rickety writing desk that used to live in the living room to the balcony. The furniture I have in the living room is currently a rickety and falling apart computer desk, a papasan chair, meditation area (which I should use more often), a book case, and a couple of floor pillows. There’s also a really high breakfast bar that I use as a shelf for everything else. It currently looks very clean because I recently cleaned everything.

5. Balcony: A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to completely cleaning the entire balcony. It was an extremely horrible mess, but when I was done, I was able to put my stick vac and a bunch of other stuff into the storage room. I also took out and cleaned a lawn chair I had bought a couple years ago and hauled my writing desk out there. (It is actually more of a tall, cheap and rickety table that has multiple purposes.) 

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