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Web Comic Review: Metanoia by Chartreuse and Rah

According to Wikipedia, metanoia can be any of the following:

Metanoia(theology), repentance

Metanoia (rhetoric), correction, a rhetorical device

Metanoia(psychology), the process of experiencing a psychotic “break down”and subsequent, positive psychological re-building or “healing”

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Book Review: Heartless by Gail Carriger

374 pp.

In Heartless, Alexia and her husband have mended their fences and now they have to figure out how to keep the vampires from continuing their vendetta against Alexia and her not-yet-born infant-inconvenience. The solution presents itself in the form of Akeldama stepping forward with an offer to adopt the baby (thus assuring that the scary monster baby has a proper upbringing). Of course, this creates a new batch of problems involving Conall’s pack having to move into the city. (Alexia might have very little in the way of maternal feelings, but she does feel a certain amount of interest in the results of her pregnancy.) Continue reading

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Book Review: The First Husband, by Laura Dave–Review

244 pp.

The First Husband is a book I received for review. (I do not remember whom from. Hopefully, someone will remind me. I am a nitwit and lost the e-mail.) It’s a book that fits somewhere in the category of “chick lit” and “romance” and is not the type of book that I generally read. (It’s good to read outside your comfort zone on occasion.) Continue reading

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Spirits That Walk in Shadow by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

306 p.p.

Spirits That Walk in ShadowIn this book we are reintroduced to Jaimie Locke, one of the minor characters from The Thread That Binds the Bones. She is still in recovery from having been trained to be evil by her previous teacher. (She more or less indicates this on a number of occasions.)

Jaimie has decided to go to college with the intent of learning about boys and Outsiders. (It is difficult to say which has the greater priority.) Jaimie had been giving a list of things she is Not Supposed to Talk About to Outsiders but of course, the list goes flying right out the window once she meets her roommate, Kim. Also accompanying her to college is god named Rugee who looks a great deal like some kind of lizard. Continue reading

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Book Review: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

477 p.p.

Ghost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13)In Ghost Story, everyone’s favorite wizard-detective is assigned the task of finding out who killed him. (This is a very familiar story line, but I cannot think of the movie it reminds me of.) If he does not, three of his friends will meet very painful, very tragic ends. Since Harry does not want this to happen, he goes on the case instead of doing whatever it is dead people do when they die. (We do not get any direct information on which direction if any Harry is going in.) Continue reading

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Getting Hired: Survey Call Center

So you know, I worked at the call center of a company that conducted market research surveys over the phone. This was the kind of job that is very easy to get, but very hard to keep due to having to convince angry suspicious people that they should do a market research survey. I was about middling competent at the job, and didn’t seem to have as much of a stress problem with being screamed at over the phone as I did being screamed at in person.

This is the basic method by which hiring occurred at the Call Center:

1.Show up on the appointed day.

2.Fill out application.

3.Do a voice test thing.

4.Attend training classes.

5.Job get! Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Three ==>John: Avoid imminent demise

From here to here.

With a very literal deadline in the form of a meteor heading directly for John’s house, John needs to figure out how to work the totem lathe and the cruxtrader. After some fumbling around (and avoiding his dad, who is trying to work out how the bathtub got moved to the staircase) he manages to get to the cruxtrader and retrieve the cruxite dowel from the living room, stick it in the lathe and create a random shape. How this is going to keep him from getting squished by a meteor is not yet clear. Continue reading

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