Web Comic Review: Metanoia by Chartreuse and Rah

According to Wikipedia, metanoia can be any of the following:

Metanoia(theology), repentance

Metanoia (rhetoric), correction, a rhetorical device

Metanoia(psychology), the process of experiencing a psychotic “break down”and subsequent, positive psychological re-building or “healing”

The main characters are in the process of going through at least two of the three,to some extent.

Our story begins when two kids who have been living on the streets hear about someone who is promising to grant any wish in exchange for a person’s soul. One of the kids, a boy named Jaime Carlos Ortiz accepts the deal, because Jaime is very much in love with the other kid, a boy named Star Michael Tyrian, and wants him to have a better life. Unfortunately, without a soul, Jaime can’t exactly enjoy life to its fullest, so the other kid tries to find a way to get it back.

Star, despite concealing an immense reservoir of determination and pure rage is very much doomed because of what he’s going up against. This is of course when the good guys come rushing in to help him save the day. An angel arrives with an offer to help, which Star accepts. With the angel’s help, he is able to retrieve Jaime’s soul from Hell.

Notice that I said “retrieve” and not “rescue.”

Being in Hell for any length of time tends to cause deep and overwhelming horror and insanity. It has no cure and the good guys are not able to do anything about it, which causes Star deep overwhelming horror and insanity. Star is forced to put an end to Jaime’s life.

Fast forward a number of years and Star has become an extremely successful hit man.He is cold and ruthless and refuses to have anything to do with either “The Veil” an organization consisting of demons and their allies or “The Foundation,”an organization consisting of angels and their allies. (He will of course accept jobs from anyone, as long as he gets paid.)

The Foundation eventually approaches him with a good job offer and also provides him with a partner, a young man named Alexander Lewis Skerry. A few years previously Alexander showed up and gave him a charm that enabled him to detect demons. Despite (or because of) previous encounters, neither of them are sure they want anything to do with this “partnership.”

Metanoia is a terrific action/adventure fantasy with amazing art and an engaging story. There is a lot of thoughtful deconstruction of urban fantasy tropes, loads of black humor and even some romance. It’s not a complete work however, and it’s only infrequently updated due to one of the collaborators going to school.

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