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Finicky Anime Watcher

I am a very finicky person when it comes to what I watch or read. This tends to shoot me in the foot because it will take me forever to decide to read or watch something. (I have occasionally waited too long and the book is no longer available or the show is no longer findable.) Since I’ve just had a severe “Oh god why?!” reaction to no less than three anime in less than an hour I thought I’d go over what I do (and don’t) like in an anime (or manga).

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Some Advice for the Holiday Positive Concerning the Holiday Negative

It’s too early, but I was thinking about this on the ride home thanks to the fact that the grocery store I shop at had already begun putting out Christmas stuff.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are generally “family togetherness” holidays, which can be generally stressful for people who for one reason or another can’t stand their families. (Or for people who are not opting into the holiday for religious or secular reasons.) This means that this time of year can also be very depressing because of expectations that suddenly everyone should get along during these holidays. (Even if they really, really don’t.) Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Four: ==> John: Refuse to Walk the Plank

From here to here.

The unknown director of John’s actions directs him to take a towel and go out to the balcony. John’s job at the moment is to translate these wordy and badly requests into reasonable directions. This proves to be somewhat difficult. The director is not familiar with the game jargon and the narrator is less than helpful. (The director is asking John to do things that Rose is supposed to be doing.) Continue reading

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Web Comic Review: Digger by Ursula Vernon

Digger is a completed black and white web comic series, and a longtime favorite of mine. It features the adventures of an extremely practical anthropomorphic wombat as she tries to find a way to get home, and turns into an amazingly epic quest involving a not-quite-dead-god, demons, and prophetic snails. (Trust me,this all makes sense in context.) Its tone ranges from darkly whimsical to deeply philosophical, and is frequently both at the same time. Continue reading


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Book Review: One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire–Review

354 pp.

One Salt Sea opens with Toby getting schooled in swordsmanship by her liege lord Sylvester. While Toby gets run ragged, we get caught up on what’s been happening since just after the ending of the previous book. Toby is trying to settle into her new role as Countess of Goldengreen. She is also talked into taking Quentin on as her squire. (She is extremely reluctant to do this. She does not feel that she has what it takes to be a mentor and given her track record, she is understandably worried she might accidentally get him killed. Everyone else feels the exact opposite, which is to say that she will be able to teach Quentin how to not get himself killed.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Tears of the Sun by S.M. Stirling


530 pp.

Tears of the Sun continueson from The High King of Montival with Rudi now High King and the various changes the various regions that makeup the new kingdom are going through. We also get a good view of howpreparations are going for the war against the Church Universal and Triumphant,the war itself, and how everyone who had been previously nonreligious are nowsuddenly finding religion now that magic of some variety works.

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