Finicky Anime Watcher

I am a very finicky person when it comes to what I watch or read. This tends to shoot me in the foot because it will take me forever to decide to read or watch something. (I have occasionally waited too long and the book is no longer available or the show is no longer findable.) Since I’ve just had a severe “Oh god why?!” reaction to no less than three anime in less than an hour I thought I’d go over what I do (and don’t) like in an anime (or manga).

What Will Drive Me Away

  • Really long descriptions and analysis of combat moves. Oddly enough this does not happen when we’re talking about a sports-type show, or a board game. Named combat moves and detailed tournament style anime however is boring and annoying. (Sorry Naruto)
  • Huge Comedy Boobs. Sometimes they don’t bother me, other times they do. I am in general not a boob person, and I tend to dislike the personality types that usually get assigned the Huge Comedy Boobs.
  • Gosh Aren’t We Wacky I am not a wacky hijinks fan except in a few special cases. Bizarre sexual humor is also something I don’t care for because it’s never the right kind of bizarre sexual humor. I find Wacky Hijinks to be off putting because I tend to become deeply embarrassed for anyone subjected to same.
  • Bad animation, or Art that I don’t like.
  • If my suspension of disbelief is not just stretched but also snapped.
  • Too many characters I either want to slap or drop off cliffs. (I can’t read the works of certain authors because of this.)
  • This is the anime that never ends/yes it goes on and on my friends…

What I Really Really Like

  • A main character or characters who instantly grabs my attention, and not in a horrifically annoying way.
  • Tsunderes. Given the number of anime that I like that also have characters of the “tsundere” personality type…yeah.
  •  Ridiculously awkward yet goodhearted characters.
  • Snarky, sarcastic characters.
  • Bratty “delinquent” characters who are secretly goodhearted and/or doofuses.
  • Stories with a clear beginning, middle and end. Must be neither too short or two long. Said story must also make sense within the context of the world building and stuff like that.
  • Comedy perverts (specifically the dirty old man, dirty old priest, drunken old broad, oversexed broad who may be someone’s mom, etc.) are kept to a minimum or serve some purpose beyond being a gag character.

There are other things that I like and don’t like, but these are what immediately came to mind.


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