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Reading Homestuck Part Six: ==> Rose, engage in passive aggressive warfare with Mom!

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In our last installment, Dave had accidentally stabbed the crow that had stolen the game, resulting in both game and bird heading out the window. Dave is horrified, and has a moment of silence for the poor bird. He does not regret the loss of the game in any way, because he had no intention of really playing anyway.

We then encounter a wandering sudden scene shift!

We are back to Rose, and her heavily wizard-decorated house. Rose feels that the excessive wizard decorations are part of some passive aggressive ploy on her mother’s part. (Let it not be said that Rose is completely innocent of being passive aggressive herself. She gave her mother a vacuum cleaner as a gift, complete with a drink holder. Mom of course had the vacuum cleaner bronzed and put on display.) Rose heads for the kitchen, intending to sneak out through the back. (The adversarial relationships each of the kids have with their guardians is very nostalgic 80s kid vid for me.) Continue reading

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Manga Review: Tena on S-String Volume Three, Sesuna Mikabe

In this volume, we make some discoveries about Kyosuke and the actions of the Tuners become slightly more sinister. We open with Kyosuke and Tena looking for notes. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are possibly more tuners out there who are getting to them first. After some flailing and frustration, the pair head back to Kyosuke’s home.

We also learn that this competition is for the purpose of making preparations for some kind of event. Said event seems to have some sinister implications, given the lighting surrounding the Tuners talking about it. We get two scenes of the higher ups in the organization talking about their plans. We learn that this competition is to focus the Tuners on collecting notes to the exclusion of anything else. (Such as whatever it is the higher ups are up to, perhaps.) Continue reading

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*Beverly Diehl’s Writing in Flow*: Who’s Your Favorite McCaffrey Heroine? Gone Ahea…

*Beverly Diehl’s Writing in Flow*: Who’s Your Favorite McCaffrey Heroine? Gone Ahea…: Image by Theen … via Flickr Did you cry, when you heard? I cried. Which surprised me. Although Anne McCaffrey has long been one of m…

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The First SF I Read Was by Anne McCaffrey

I heard last night from a friend that Anne McCaffrey had died.

It always hits me in a strange way when a writer I grew up reading dies. You half want to believe that the writer is immortal, and when they’re not, the realization that they and their worlds are now gone can hit you kind of funny. This is especially true when the writer is one whose work you’ve read and enjoyed (and occasionally snarked about) from the time you were a kid.

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Book Review: Changes, by Mercedes Lackey

326 pp.

In the third book of The Collegium Chronicles Herald Trainee Mags spends a lot of time manipulating his friends for their own good. (I think Lackey is trying to show that Mags is very perceptive and smart with a natural ability to solve people’s problems for them. I am not entirely comfortable with the way Mags maneuvers people into doing what he wants for “their own good.”) He is also being taught by the King’s Own to work under cover and also spends a lot of time dodging the foreign spies and assassins that have been a recurring plot point in the series. Continue reading


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Authentically "Not Looking"

So, I have a complete and overwhelming lack of a desire to date. This lack of interest has been with me since I was the age most people start thinking about dating. (My teen years were particularly worrisome to my parents. I played Dungeons and Dragons, cared very little for my physical appearance and had absolutely no interest in boys. This apparently meant that I was a lesbian.) This is not to say however, that I never dated. I have dated and had even been in a few relationships. They all ended badly for either myself or the guy I was seeing. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

219 pp.

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Following the advice of a friend where books are concerned can be a little risky. There will always be points where your taste and your friend’s tastes do not coincide. (For instance, I had a friend who liked Stephen R. Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books. I do not. Emphatically.) Therefore, it took me awhile to get around to getting this book. Continue reading

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