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Book Review: The Demon’s Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan

Margaret K. McElderry Books
440 pp.

The sequel to The Demon’s Lexicon is from the point of view of Mae, who is trying to deal with her very complicated life which has been made even more complicated by magic and the presence of Nick and Alan Ryves. (She is also in the dog house with her mother Annabel, who it turns out, is not the kind of parent who would not care if her two children disappeared. She is just the kind of parent who deeply sucks at interacting with children. Unreliable narrators are not to be trusted and should not be trusted because they are unreliable.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Wraith by Phaedra Weldon

Ace378 pp.

There are times when a book that might have been otherwise been entertaining ticks me off. I will still read the book, but chances are I’m mostly reading to see how much more bad it can get. (It is the only reason I was able to read The Warriors of Spider and sequels all the way through.) This is more or less the case with Wraith, which managed to annoy me on several different occasions.

Our heroine is one Zoe Martinique a young woman who because of a trauma in her past is able to travel out of body. She makes a living doing industrial espionage in a uniquely ham-handed manner. She is aided by her friend Rhonda, who is a witch and her mother, who is psychic and runs a botanica that’s also a tea shop. (There are also two gay ghosts who apparently serve the purpose of being Sassy Gay Friends to Zoe, her mother and Rhonda.) Continue reading


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Random Update: I Hate the Ethics Textbook A Lot

I really need to try updating this blog more. I could go on a whinge about not having anything to write about, and finding the right “tone” and “topic” for the blog, but while true, this does not make for exciting reading so instead I will rant about the current class I’m taking. The name of the class is “Ethical and Legal Issues in the Professions,” and it is basically a repeat of many of the things we learned in “Critical Thinking” and the Introduction to Business class and also Sociology. I hate it not because of the class itself, but because of the textbook.

The textbook is pretty much horrible. Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues 7th Ed by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero has some badly researched and mildly racist commentary, is occasionally homophobic and is full of moments where Vinny tries to push the reader into agreeing with him instead of actually explaining the subject.

Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Five: ==> Rose, stop dilly-dallying!

From here to here

Rose allocates her knitting to her strife specibus. Her weapon is now “needlekind.” With the “root card” of her sylladex tree now in the strife deck, she immediately loses everything she captchalogued and has to start over.

The unknown controller tries to get her to knit a cuddle Chthulu. Rose has apparently never heard of Chthulu, though she is familiar with many examples of other non-Euclidean Space Gods from Beyond. Rose browses through a few of these examples in her Grimoire of the Zoologically Dubious. There are also diagrams and directions for summoning these creatures, though the diagrams don’t make a lot of sense as they don’t seem to involve anything really arcane. Continue reading

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Book Review: Bewitched and Betrayed by Lisa Shearin

366 pp.

Raine’s current situation continues to maintain its usual level of disaster. She is currently trying to track down and apprehend the sorcerers who had busted out of the Saghred in the previous book with limited success. Among the other escapees is her father, who currently inhabits the body of one of the Guardians and Sarad Nukpana who is currently *Jerk the Bodiless. She is also under investigation for a number of murders and elven politics turns out to be just as murky and sinister as goblin politics. (Since this has been the usual situation from book one onward, I shouldn’t need to explain it, but still.) Continue reading

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Book Review: The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

Margaret K. MacElderry Books
322 pp.

Sometimes, even though I should know better, I forget how detailed, engaging and even disturbing a young adult novel can be. (I have no idea why I do this. There are many, many engaging disturbing and intense young adult novels out there.) So, I was surprised when I read the The Demon’s Lexicon because it’s a very intelligently written urban fantasy with some fairly intense moments. (And when I say intense I mean horrifying and various levels of disturbing.) I have to admit that the book also in general reminded me a little of Supernatural, though the show and the book have almost nothing in common except two brothers and also, demons. Continue reading

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