My preferred toys when I was a kid were animal toys. Sheep, dogs, horses and weirdrubbery dragon monsters the parents would not buy because they were apparently evil. I never really got playing with dolls as a kid. 

It’s not that I did not like dolls, it was more I did not know what to do with them. There were a limited number of functions that could be performed with a doll, and overly expansive make-believe activities tended cause parental disturbance. (As an example: They would become alarmed when I pretended to be an animal. This was apparently Very Weird and Unusual Behavior. Either that or I was Just Too Loud.)

It was also extremely important to play with the doll, whether baby or fashion variety correctly.

The correct methods of playing with the fashion variety or “baby” variety of doll are:

  • Take clothes off.
  • Put clothes back on.
  • Comb or brush hair.
  • Braid hair (limit two. More than two would result in parental use of the “n” word.)

All possible, acceptable make-believe activities are centered on these functions. They were generally not activities that interested me so I would generally not play with dolls. (I also actively disliked fashion dolls, they were stiff and not very posable. I think I probably would have liked ball jointed dolls though.)  

On the rare occasions that I did play with dolls these were the unacceptable or “you’re really weird Rena” methods of playing with dolls. (It was usually the fashion dolls I used for these games. I really didn’t have very much use for the baby variety.)

  • Using Barbie as bait for a dragon or possibly King Kong. (I did not play this very often.)
  • Executing Pirate Barbie (hanged until dead, usually).
  • Having Barbie rescued from bad guys. (Best find ever was some little green army men I found in the vent of the house we lived in when I was a kid.)
  • Farmer Barbie. (I really would have liked having the appropriate accessories for this game).
  • Horse trainer Barbie. (The main reason this was disapproved of was that I would use shoelaces for lassos and halters. Or occasionally, electric cords for things that I did not think were being used. I was a very destructive little kid.)

When I got a little older, these particular games were increasingly frowned upon,and I eventually stopped playing with dolls entirely. (For some reason, this did not stop one of my aunts from buying me fashion dolls. Fortunately, the aunt in question did send Christmas or birthday presents very often, but when she remembered, it would usually be a fashion doll.)

And that about sums up my experience with dolls.

This was for a prompt provided by Andrea Coventry.


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3 responses to “Doll

  1. My sister and I loved to disguise Ken as a girl and then when all the Barbies were asleep he'd take off his girl clothes and kidnap everyone.

  2. I'm not alone in playing odd scenarios with toys! /

  3. My fashion dolls visited the starship Enterprise and found deserted islands and starred in terrible disaster movies and generally had Adventures. You are not alone at all. I still collect dolls, but more historical, fantasy and SF ones. (And some of that is because it's cheaper to sew costumes for them than me, and they can wear them more.)

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