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Reading Homestuck Part Ten: ==> John: Would you happen to have a can opener I could borrow?

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Rose begins to build. She creates stairs, which turn out to be very expensive. John says that he could have warned her about stairs. This is not the last time inin this comic that someone will be warned about stairs. It just keeps happening!  John offers the opinion that Dave is dumb for liking puppets. (John, like most of the cast has moments of being a complete jerk.)

Rose continues to build, and John goes looking for imps or useful items in the house according to the directions of the next ==> command. The only thing John finds however is a cabinet full of shaving cream. He is directed to take two cans of shaving cream which causes his telescope to launch itself from his sylladex. It lands outside near the broken piano, startling a couple imps. The next ==> command directs John to ride the pogo ride, but since the Pogo rideis now in the bathtub, there is no room for riding and then falling off of it,so John captchalogs it instead. Continue reading


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Book Review: Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead

390 pp.

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I think that even if the series continues that this will be the last book I read in this series. This is not because I did not like the book, though it plays a part. (I am usually pretty good at continuing a series, even when I find it somewhat lacking.) It is more because this particular book feels like a stopping point to me. Another reason is because the ending is actually pretty open, but it feels like the story arc has been completed in some respect. Continue reading

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Book Review: Trickster’s Girl by Hilari Bell

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

281 pp.

This is not a book review. I was not able to finish the book or even get farther than three chapters.  This is because Trickster’s Girl is kind of awful. It is a “gee, why don’t I write a fantasy with a completely random non-specific hodge-podge of Native American mythology and then completely disrespect it via my heroine!” kind of book. It is a “why don’t I glom together a bunch of Native American belief systems then randomly throw in new agey ley lines!” kind of book. It is a “I have never heard of The Tough Guide to Fantasyland and therefore do not realize how badly I needed it!” kind of book. Continue reading

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Reading: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Part Two

pomcoversmallChapter Three: My Advent on Mars

As I indicated earlier, I do not like John Carter. He is the squarest of allsquare jawed manly man heroes and I have never liked the pulpy square jawed hero type. (I generally prefer the snarky sidekicks or the grim yet reliable sidekicks. They are more interesting and I almost never want to hit them with bricks.) I also dislike him because of his being or having been a Confederate,but that’s an entirely different rant.

So!Our Hero arrives on Mars, where he discovers that he has super powers! Okay,no, actually he discovers that the lighter gravity and lower air pressure in combination with earth-gravity muscles equals bottom made of springs. He bounces around like a flea on a red hot skillet, like a rabbit on crack, like a dozen kids bouncing on a bed. He can’t really walk at all. Continue reading

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Book Review: All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen


459 pp.

The very basic summary of this novel’s plot is “Steampunk Twelfth Night set at a school for (mad) scientists.”  Our Heroine is a young woman named Viola who desperately wants to attend Illyria, which is one of the very best schools for aspiring young scientists. Unfortunately, girls are not allowed to attend Illyria as this is the Victorian Era.

Continue reading

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Reading: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Part One

80smallForward and Chapter One: On the Arizona Hills

Because of the John Carter movie coming out,I decided to do a Re-read of A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Burroughs is not one of my favorite authors because of reasons. I have tried reading the original Tarzan books and have not been able to do that because Tarzan in the stories is a massively annoying tool. (I did like some of the old Tarzan movies and also the cartoon,but I hate the stories.) John Carter is also a massive tool but is somehow more readable to me than Tarzan. Continue reading

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