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Sharing, because this is an amazing video.


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Random Funny: Cajeiri in Intruder

Recently got Intruder by C.J. Cherryh via inter-library loan. I am extremely amused by a scene that went down something like this:

Cajeiri: Woe, I will be living with my parents and their terminally uncool staff. Woe!

Cajeiri: Woe, I will also be without my grandmother who is awesome, and Lord Bren who is similarly awesome. Woe.

Cajeiri: I AM GOING TO BE BORED FOREVER. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Eleven: ==> Rose: Engage in NSFW Rapping!

From here to here.

Rose answers Dave and discovers that he is apparently buried under a pile of horrifying perverted toys. He is extremely traumatized by being in this situation and is relating his tale of woe and puppet proboscis.  Rose is less than sympathetic, and seems to take a sincere joy in making fun of Dave’s situation. Much to his eternal horror, she even engages in a little slam poetry about it in a way that is definitely not safe for work.

TT: Prong of flesh bereft of home
TT: Found solace ‘twixt a cleft of foam.

(Andit continues from there, much to Dave’s horror.) Continue reading

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His Black Dress: Free-For-All I


Found this via Tumblr. 

His Black Dress: Free-For-All I: Sometime during the Fashion Freedom February event, I got struck with an idea for a new series of posts. I thought it might be fun to show t…

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Touchy Subject

This is something I have complained about before on my Live Journal.

The first part of the problem goes something like this: I do not generally speaking, enjoy being touched by strangers. I also do not like being touched by casual acquaintances and most of the people in my family. I generally go out of my way to avoid touching other people without their permission. (Except in cases where there is a total social breakdown on my part in which case I am generally very embarrassed afterward.)

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Interview: Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire is the author of the October Daye novels, an urban fantasy series abouta half-fae private investigator. The most recent series she is working on isInCryptids, which is about a family that would prefer to study monsters ratherthan hunt them, which is what a rival organization known as the Covenant of St.George would prefer to do. Writing as Mira Grant, she has written the“Newsflesh” trilogy (the third book of which is coming out in May), whichinvolves zombies and journalism in some fashion. Seanan McGuire is also asinger-song writer, and further information about her books and music can befound on her website here.  

Where did you go to school? (And what did you major in?)

Iwent to the University of California Berkeley — go Bears! — where I majoredin folklore and mythology.

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Book Review: The Bell at Sealey Head by Patricia McKillip


277 pp.

Patricia McKillip is one of my favorite writers, but I generally find her works to be somewhat hit or miss. She is a writer who excels at creating modern fairytales and intricately described landscapes that seem to be both concrete and dreamlike. Her prose ranges from the flowery to the simple and practical and can draw you right into the story, except when it does the opposite. The Bell at Sealey Head would be one of the novels that threw me right out of the story. (Largely through no fault of its own in this case; I just could not form an attachment to any of the characters.) Continue reading

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