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Marcus on Monday: Meditation 5:2

O the consolation of being able to thrust aside and cast into oblivion every tiresome intrusive impression and in a trice be utterly at peace!

When I read this, I tend to interpret “impression” as “opinion” which may or may not be the correct interpretation. My first thought on reading this meditation is, “how often does that ever actually happen?” People carry around the baggage of not only their own opinions (which may be based off of mistaken information, ignorance or confusion) but also the opinions of others, either positive or negative. They are constantly arguing with these opinions. How do you go about thrusting them aside or casting them into oblivion? How do you know when an opinion is based on hearsay or incorrect information, and how do you correct it, for yourself or someone else.

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Book Review: The War Gods Own by David Weber

382 pp.

In this sequel to the Oath of Swords, Bahzell discovers there is more to being a champion of Tomanāk than just wandering around being an paladin. It turns out that champions of Tomanāk are also the commanding officers of the Order of Tomanāk, a fact that the deity in question failed to mention somehow. (Most likely, because it would have been about a million times harder to get Bahzell to join up in the first place.) Continue reading

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Reading: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Part Three

librivoxaprincessofmarssmallWhat you may have noticed is the episodic nature of these short chapters! Like many early science fiction and fantasy novels, this novel was first printed as a serial! A Princess of Mars is actually fairly “joined together” for a serial novel. The next book in the series however is much, much worse, mostly because of the Very Obvious Repetitive Cliffhanger where it takes quite a long time to find out the full name of a young man John meets during his adventures. You will of course know who the young man is before the second cliffhanger cuts off the introduction.

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Post Round Up

Here are some interesting posts that I thought I’d share. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Twelve: ==> Dave: where MAKING THIS HAPEN

From here to here.

We get a good look at Bro’s room. Dave feels a lot of envy for his bro’s sweet gear! Of course, it’s the cool kind of envy where you do not actually care about all the sweet gear your brother has.Dave notices that one of his brother’s “expensive ninja swords” is missing. This can of course mean only one thing.

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Marcus on Mondays: Meditation 7:20

One thing alone troubles me: the fear that I may do something which man’s constitution disallows or would wish to be done some other way, or forbids ‘til a future day.

This note is not about the fear of failure, but the fear of being prevented by a natural limitation. This is about the fear that you will hit a roadblock in your goals because something prevents you. This is not a particularly comforting note, and is not intended to be. (You could argue otherwise, since the note also mentions the possibility of finding another route to your goal or being able to do it in the future. However, future implied success when you are currently banging your head against the wall is not necessarily comforting to me.)   Continue reading

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A Trump Card Argument: “What, are you [fill in the blank]”

So, let us say that you are socializing with someone. This someone may be a friend or a relative. They might be a casual acquaintance. And that someone makes a racist, bigoted remark. And, since you find racist and bigoted statements to be offensive, you call them on it. You say, “Hey, that’s racist and that’s not cool,” or you say “Wow, what you said was kind of horrible.”

That person of course believes they have a trump card to your honest protest. This trump card which completely displaces your attempt to not have to put up with racist and bigoted remarks is any variation of “what, are you [fill in the blank?]” And if you are not fill in the blank, your sincere desire to not have to listen to racist bigoted baloney is immediately invalid and the person has apparently totally won and can go on to continue to make offensive statements. Continue reading


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