Post Round Up

Here are some interesting posts that I thought I’d share.

Babstheartist reblogged this post about a form of domestic abuse that doesn’t get talked about very often, and Planned Parenthood. (Specifically, it discusses situations where the abusive partner forces the victim to become pregnant. The post indicates that PP is better able to handle the underlying abuse issues than other clinics.)

spitfireinspace lists People You Will Meet in Discussions About Sexism on the Internet
This is possibly the short list as I can think of a few more. Such as Mrs “I have never experienced that so it doesn’t exist.” and Miss “I am one of the boys lol” and also Mrs “I am not a feminist because I am not an activist”

therealseebs would like to point out that he is not derailing when he is asking a question.
You are taking the ability to read social cues and intuitively grasp social rules for granted. You are not taking into account that these traits are not universal.



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