Things You Think of After the Fact

So, I will get started on writing projects, and then belatedly realize that I should have organized things differently, or I should have had an idea of how I wanted something organized to begin with. Case in point, I have just realized that I need to have an index that lists all of the book reviews I have cross-posted from my book blog to my profile on Yahoo Contributor Network. The sad part is, I could have thought of doing this back when there were maybe only ten or so book reviews on YCN. Now I have to go through all of my folders.

I am also eventually going to have to cross-post my entries from this blog and A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances to my WordPress blog. And I need to play around with it some more because it still doesn’t look quite right.  I also need to work on scheduling more tweets, which I should have done yesterday, but did not because I spent most of the day trying to find something I lost, and then trying to figure out how to replace it. There was also more Throwing Away of Stuff in preparation for the move.

I will probably try to put together a list of interesting posts/sites I’ve seen. And trying to write more Marcus on Monday. (There will not be a Marcus post today because I have spent most of the week dithering and packing.)


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