Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Two, Julietta Suzuki

In volume two of Kamisama Kiss, Nanami is bored out of her mind and has no interest in going back to school. She quickly changes her tune about school when she discovers that Kurama, a popular singer will be attending classes there. Tomoe however is less than pleased at the idea of Nanami going somewhere without protection of some kind. He eventually relents on the condition that Nanami wear a silly hat. (To hide the “tochigami mark” on her forehead from anything that might see it and attack her.)

 Predictably, the silly hat draws a lot of unwanted attention to her, including the attention of Kurama, who turns out to be an arrogant jerk. An arrogant jerk who is apparently playing at the shojo manga romantic trope where the male romantic interest starts out acting like a jerk to the Heroine but is actually secretly kind. (He does not pull it off very well, and Nanami continues to think he is a jerk.)

At lunch, Nanami gets targeted by bullies and apparently, by Kurama who has decided to continue his campaign of Shojo Romance Clichés. (That is to say, Kurama slipped her 30,000 yen to set up a situation where she is falsely accused of stealing so that he could step forward and say that he gave it to her.) Kurama’s plans however are upstaged by Tomoe, who arrives with a banquet. Tomoe then very dramatically declares there will be no more bullying of Nanami.

The next day, Nanami manages to escape without the headscarf. Tomoe follows her to school, which turns out to be a good thing because Kurama is a tengu and he is after Nanami’s tochigami mark. They fight and the fight ends with Tomoe transforming Kurama into an ostrich whose goose he intends to cook, literally. Tomoe’s culinary plans are thwarted by Nanami, who is a nice person and does not want roasted tengu for supper.

The next chapter features a goddess named Raijin Narukami-hime, who does not approve of Nanami having Tomoe as her familiar. (This is because Raijin wants Tomoe for herself.) The goddess approaches Nanami and in a very high handed manner tries to “relieve” Nanami of her duties. Nanami of course, refuses. Raijin however will not take no for an answer and steals Nanami’s tochigami mark. When Tomoe turns up to defend Nanami, Raijin turns him into a child using a “good luck” mallet that she had borrowed, telling him that she will turn him back if he agrees to serve her, then she heads off to take over Nanami’s shrine.

Nanami is now homeless again, and Tomoe is stuck in the form of a child and is rapidly becoming ill. Fortunately, Kurama turns up and for whatever reason, decides to help Nanami and Tomoe. Kurama diagnoses the illness as being the result of having adult-level power in the body of a child.

Meanwhile, Raijin is throwing a fit because a) the shrine is run down because Tomoe is not there to maintain it and b) because Tomoe has not instantly materialized to become her familiar. Raijin sends her komainu servants to go get Tomoe. Nanami does not want to turn Tomoe over, but Tomoe decides to go with them. Nanami is heart-broken, but Kurama tells her to stop moping and gives her one of his feathers. This gives her the ability to see spirits again, and she sees that Onikiri and Totetsu, the spirits from the shrine have been there the entire time trying to get her attention.

It turns out that Tomoe had hidden himself in the shrine and is still refusing to work for Raijin. The goddess is throwing an epic fit. Nanami arrives and makes a deal with Raijin. If Nanami can find Tomoe, Raijin has to turn Tomoe back into an adult. After searching, Nanami finds Tomoe hiding in Mikage’s mirror. This finally causes Raijin to get it into her head that Tomoe does not want to be her familiar. (Because she realized that Tomoe was very devoted to Mikage and probably would not be as devoted to her.)  Raijin also returns the divine mark and leaves Nanami the mallet so that she can turn Tomoe back into an adult, and then Tomoe renews his contract with Nanami.

All’s well that ends well. In the next volume, Nanami develops a crush on Tomoe and encounters a white snake with marriage on it’s mind.


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