Book Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger

386 pp.
Timeless is the final book in the Parasol Protectorate series. Our Heroine has been living in one of the closets of Lord Akeldama’s home so she can be close to her daughter. (If you will recall, Akeldama is supposed to be the primary caregiver, so a certain amount of subterfuge is required.) She needs to be close to her daughter because Prudence does not actually possess the quality she is named for and has the distressing habit of being wild, reckless and nearly uncontrollable. (A toddler with the ability to become whatever supernatural person she touches is especially difficult to handle if you are say, a vampire, especially if you are a vampire who is now mortal because the kid stole your powers.)

 Alexia is summoned to Alexandria in Egypt by Matakara, who is the oldest vampire queen and has a certain amount of authority, which means that Alexia cannot say “no” to this summons. The ancient queen wants to meet Alexia and her daughter for some unknown reason that may or may not have to do with the “God-Breaker Plague,” (which causes supernatural beings to lose their powers) expanding toward Alexandria. During the trip Alexia finds out a great deal about her father and his activities in Egypt, gets into and out of a great deal of trouble and discovers why her daughters current favorite word is “no!”

Adding some more excitement to the mix, Alexia’s sister Felicity causes an extreme domestic disturbance when she releases information concerning the assassination attempt that led to Conall taking over the Woolsey pack. Conall’s granddaughter of course immediately sends a letter to Conall about the details. (Felicity claims that she is only doing the right thing. What she is actually doing is maliciously attempting to ruin Alexia’s marriage. Felicity is a horrible person.)

This was an excellent finale that answered a lot of questions that had come up during the course of the series. Timeless is fast-paced and engaging with great dialog, strong action scenes and entertaining romantic elements. (I especially liked the growing relationship between Lyall and Biffy, as well as the continuing relationship between Alexia and Conall.) Though this is the final book in the series, I am hoping that Carriger revisits this story-universe and these characters again in the future.


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