Job Hunt Log the First: Intentions and Introduction

Okay. I finally graduated and earned my Associates of Applied Science Web Graphic Design back in February. Due to not having a stable financial situation, a great deal of depression and other mental health issues I won’t go into here, I was not really able to begin the job hunt. (I did send out some resumes but my only job interview did not go very well because I could not convince the prospective employer that even though I wasn’t familiar with WordPress at the time, that I would be able to quickly get used to it because of previous experience with a) other blogging and writing platforms and b) Knowledge of HTML and CSS, though I am not exactly a “coder.” (I now have a WordPress blog. It is not that much different from Blogger.)

 I am now in more stable living conditions and have managed to pull myself partially out of the dumps, and started putting out more resumes. This log is going to be the first of many posts as I attempt to find work. I am not yet certain how or what format these logs are going to take, or if I should mention the names of the companies that I am going to be applying for. (I am leaning toward “mentioning the companies,” but I might not.) The posts will involve where I found the job, what the job is, the keywords I used, the follow up process, if I get any calls, how the interview went, and so on.

 Other things I want to do with this blog series:

 –Talk about the much loathed “personality” tests. (I will not be providing instruction for how to pass them. I have read many instructions and attempted to follow them but the advice does not seem to work. Most of the advice relies on a basic understanding of what the specific company wants. How you are supposed to guess that, I don’t know.)

 –Discuss and/or research why companies seem to push an “extrovert only” agenda. (Introverts are not “shy” necessarily. We prefer to talk to small groups of people and listen before making an overture. We do not do this very well in large gatherings as we find it mentally draining. Extroverts meanwhile can be shy, but are energized by company and generally don’t have a problem with large groups. Shyness can be overcome.)

 –Discuss and/or identify scam companies and pyramid schemes. (This is something that I think is particularly important, since I keep running into scams.)

 –Discuss what I am looking for in a job. (Specifically, what I want to do, what I think I am able to do and what would constitute a “dream job” for me.)

 Other things to expect:

 –Occasional whining,

 –Incoherent rants.

 –General flailing around like an overstimulated Muppet.

 –Sarcasm and occasional attempts at humor.

 –Nervous nailbiting.





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