Top Five Things: Top Five Songs/Artists

Ask Me My Top 5 Anything  This is something I’m doing on Tumblr. (My ask box is open. Also, if you’re on Tumblr, add me!)

Top five music artists you like at the moment? Maybe with a youtube link to a favorite song for each of them!

Beast—Mr. Hurricane

I was introduced to this song via Luka (vastderp on tumblr). This was for a song list he made for his web comic Kagerou. I have not checked out other songs by this artist yet.

I am an Island—PhemieC

This is a filk musician I have been following. So far, her music is mostly based in Homestuck. Her work is brilliant.

(For the uniformed: Filk music is music song by an amateur, pro or semi pro musician about usually science fiction or fantasy books, movies or other media. I am not entirely certain whether PhemieC identifies as a filk musician: I’ve just tagged her as one.)

Ladytron—Soft Power

This was another song/artist introduced to me as a result of a song list. The song list was for a Homestuck fan project. I haven’t checked out any other songs by this artist yet.

Nightwish—The Islander

I found this on tumblr. I instantly fell in love. I am vaguely familiar with some of this group’s other work and I really like it.

Homestuck Vol 9.—Crystalmethequins

Not only is Homestuck a webcomic, it also has its own soundtrack. This song is a cheat because I actually love every last song on this album, except Gamer Girl, mostly because I hate the character. (This one is particularly amazing though.)


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