GBE2 Blog On Prompt 63 In which there are collisions

This is for GBE2 Prompt 63 “Unexpected

 I was slightly stumped for this particular prompt, but my bad knee acting up since yesterday prompted me to remember a few stories.

Why I Have a Bad Knee

I used to ride my bike everywhere and one morning I was going down the road to work. I thought that the person pulling out of their apartment complex driveway had seen me, but this was not the case. (I could have sword they had looked in my direction.) They drove right into me and I and flipped right over the front of the car and landed with my bike on top of me. (The bike was not injured.)

The panicky woman got out of her car to see if I was all right. Somehow, I ended up spending the next five minutes trying to calm her down. Since nothing was broken, I didn’t bother going to a doctor. For a few days, I was barely able to walk, even though I didn’t even get a bruise until a few days after the incident.

Roosters are Effing Scary

So on my route to work there were these people who had a rooster. This rooster took an intense dislike to me! Its animosity was apparently inspired because one time, I stopped my bike to get a closer look at the bird because I really hadn’t expected to see a chicken in the area I was riding through. Stopping was a mistake, because it took offense to my bike and proceeded to kick it and me.  Whenever it saw me after that, it would chase after me like a velociraptor, and try to kill my bike. I would have to speed up to keep it from catching me. (My normal bike riding speed was pretty slow.)   

Visibility Zero

There was this one job where I had to wake up at four thirty in the morning so I could get to work by six. It was kind of wet, rainy and cold one year and riding a bike in the rain in the dark is pretty miserable, even if your bike has a light. So I’m riding along, and it’s very dark because the streetlights were out for some reason. I was driving as far from the road as I could because I did not want to get splashed by cars. There was this one fire hydrant that was pretty close to the sidewalk and one morning the tires on my bike skidded and I side swiped the fire hydrant. My pants were not torn or anything, but when I got to work I found that I had somehow scraped myself on something.

Like a Trainwreck

So, I was riding home from work. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. There was no reason someone would not have been able to see me. (And technically, I suppose I should have realized what was happening sooner) A kid on a bike comes barreling down the road and somehow, he fails to see me and I fail to realize he is not actually looking where he is going. He crashes into me, completely destroying my bike. I was extremely angry and made even angrier when he just got back on his (undamaged somehow) bike and rode off.


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