Job Hunt Log the Fourth: Prospects

I am currently looking for a job where I can:

Primarily provide web content/ Assist in maintaining the web page.

Most of my experience in this area has been in designing and updating my own personal webpages. I would like to get some professional experience in this area since a lot of my current designs seem to scream “personal webpage” instead of “potential business.”

Updating and organizing social media.

This would mean maintaining a blog, posting articles to twitter and managing Facebook, Tumblr and other social media accounts. Most of my current experience is attempting to promote my own writing in these venues.

Graphic design.

Most of my experience here is class projects plus some personal projects (personal projects, in this case, means collages, title cards and user icons). I have been told that I need to work on my Portfolio. Due to some issues having to do with my financial situation and other stresses, I neglected this aspect of my job hunt.

A few of the job titles I’ve applied for so far:

  •  Web Designer (entry level)
  • Communication and Grants Associate
  • Administrative/Marketing Assistant
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Multimedia Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Intern

The Multimedia Marketing Specialist position I think is looking for someone with a higher degree. They have not responded to my query letter. The Communication and Grants Associate is also looking for someone with a higher degree than the one I attained. I completed an interview I was late for with them. I’ll do a write up of the interview later in the week. I have not heard from the Admin/Marketing Assistant or the Marketing Intern positions yet. (I am looking for intern positions even though they are most likely not paid positions.)

The places I have been applying at are marketing companies, non-profit organizations and private businesses. While I was still going to school, I was also attempting to apply for retail and other support positions. I am not currently doing that because a lot of my current work experience is not retail or support based. One of the biggest problems I have been having is with references. I have never really socialized with the people I work with–it is just not something I do very often. (I do socialize with people in the various writing groups I participate in. This is mostly because the groups are online and I tend to be more “talkative” over IM or in forums than I am in real life.)

In my previous jobs when I was at work, I just did my job. It never really occurred to me to talk to someone who was not my supervisor or a customer. (I had a similar problem in my early education.) And I never talked about anything except work. So, references other than personal are very difficult for me to obtain because I am not in contact with anyone I worked with, not even supervisors. (In addition, I am not certain that the opinion of a retail store manager or call center supervisor would be relevant to someone looking for a web designer.)

(Looking over what I just wrote kind of makes me feel like a troglodyte. I am going to hope that a prospective employer reading this is looking for a troglodyte.)





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