Reading Homestuck Part Twenty One: ==> Rose: Accidentally foreshadow your own issues while discussing John’s!

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We see Wandering Vagabond standing in front of a huge ruin with a frog on top. He is directed to descend. Unfortunately, the huge mobile station is too huge and the cables he tied together to form a rope are too short. The next command suggests that he should sacrifice his mayoral sash to extend the rope. WV refuses to do this in a very emphatic manner!

WV is next directed to Appearify the temple. Wandering Vagabond feels that this idea is even more stupid than the one about the sash. We then notice that one of the towers has some kind of rope attached to it. WV is directed to have Serenity carry the rope to him. WV points out that Serenity is a tiny insect and the maximum weight she can lift is a pumpkin seed. Serenity informs WV that the cable is attached to a harpoon that is lodged in the tower. The next direction is for WV to get the rope.

Using the Appearifier, WV is able to get the cable. However, instead of the cable, a small blue box appears! Due to a mistake, the time of Appearification had been set to a few hundred years in the past. This box appears to be John’s gift, with an additional letter to WV attached. Our friend WV is very confused, but he can tell that this box is very important and he decides it is his mayoral duty to defend this box! WV then makes a second attempt to retrieve the cable. This time, WV is successfully able to Appearify the cable. He climbs down from the mobile station.

The next link says “years in the future,” but what is meant is “this present moment precisely.” We see that WV is being viewed through crosshairs! There is someone in the frog temple, another post-apocalyptic survivor like WV! We also see that our third post-apocalyptic survivor is also arriving. The guy in the temple is Aimless Renegade, he is wearing caution tape and he is definitely armed and dangerous!

We then cut back to Rose, who is being directed to build as much, and as fast as she can. In the pesterlog, the conversation about the posters continues. John continues to insist that the imps are responsible for the graffiti, even when Rose provides evidence to the contrary. John wants to know why Rose had not told him about the posters before, if they had been vandalized previously. Rose points out that she had not realized he was not aware of the condition of the posters. John realizes that Rose believes that he is the one who defaced the posters, and he does not understand how Rose could come up with this theory! This makes no sense to him, and he accuses Rose of saying he’s crazy.

The next command is for John to alchemize, but the conversation about the posters continues. Rose is trying to explain that these pictures could be a message of sorts from John’s subconscious. She also suggests that Dad’s apparent clown-obsession was a response to John’s apparent interest. (The alternate explanation is that the clowns were a form of passive-aggressive mockery of John’s apparent interest. This is a very significant comment coming from Rose.)

This deep conversation is interrupted by John having created a bunny Sassacre fedora. We also learn that while this conversation was going on, Rose has been building. We also see that John’s home is surrounded by hundreds of imps. Almost as an afterthought, we also learn that Rose is running out of time.

The next command is for Jade to dream up extra arms and play an advance bass solo. It is an [S] command. In the animation we see Robo Jade playing her bass. As she plays, everything seems to dance along with the beat and the view pulls back until we can see Prospit and its moon, and then Skaia.

Next, Jade is directed to change her wardrobifier to cycle through “star, heart, and horseshoe.” She does this, but keeps the moon in the cycle because she likes it. Then she flies out into the golden city. We can see that while Jade is dreaming of her golden city, Robo Jade is flying around the island. Jade is directed to go make a friend. She meets a peculiar looking being who looks a lot like one of the post-apocalyptic survivors we have previously met. We get a brief view of Bec sitting on a bit of broken off ruined. It is in the middle of some sort of lake filled with giant lotuses.

Then we go back to the post-apocalyptic wasteland and the frog temple that is located in the middle of a desert where there used to be an ocean and an island. WV is directed to eat the letter and the envelope! WV begins to do this, but the narrative says to cut that out! The next direction is for WV to look behind himself. He sees the white postal-service obsessed post-apocalyptic survivor (Peregrine Mendicant), who is looking all around. Next, WV is directed to read the letter.

The letter is a drawing directing WV to approach the postal service obsessed survivor, and give her the present! Meanwhile, we can see that there is a kind of not quite standoff here! The guy wearing the caution tape (Aimless Renegade) is getting ready to shoot, and when the postal service survivor sees WV, her hand immediately goes for the sword at her hip! Aimless Renegade immediately fires at WV, who begins dancing around. (Could it be Aimless refers to shooting ability and not his lack of concrete goals?)

WV runs for cover! The scene shifts to the Peregrine Mendicant, who is also dancing because of bullets. She also runs for cover! The next direction is for WV to give the present to PM. We discover there is a second note, this one addressed to “Miss Mail Lady.”

Next, Jade is directed to “fly to the other golden tower.” Inside of the other tower is John, who appears to be asleep. His sleep is not a pleasant one however. He appears to be having bad dreams. On his bed is an angry looking jester doll, and on the walls of the room are insults and clown faces, much like in John’s room when he is awake. Jade wonders if John has gotten his present yet, and has apparently forgotten that she has a system for remembering things. She then notices that the moon is getting closer to Skaia. It is apparently not safe to be out during an eclipse, so she returns to her tower.

The next command is for John alchemize during a 1980s time-lapse.

Part Twenty | Part Twenty Two


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