GBE2 Blog On Prompt 66: Excerpts from a Photo Album

Junie, Age 12, Ran, Age 8 caption: Two jumping beans.  

Typed: Junie and Ran, playing on the trampoline sent to us by Sam’s sister. Shortly after this, Ran decided it would be a good idea to see if he could use the trampoline to jump up onto the wall. He missed the wall by a foot, and gave himself a concussion; I nearly had a heart attack!     

 In black pen, print: It’s a good thing Ran has a hard head.  (Beth “Junior” Tomlin)

 Junie, Age 12, Ran, Age 9: Takes the cake.

 Typed: Elle apparently do not do birthdays! Instead, they throw parties for developmental stages and the like. So they have parties for “baby is now ambulatory,” and “kid successfully completed a complicated science project” but not “commemorate someone having been born.” We decided to do a cultural exchange type thing, so I threw a little birthday party for Ran. (Mom helped.)

 In black pen, print: The exchange part was the party Embla threw for Junie for “successfully hosting her first social occasion.” (Sam Tomlin)

 Junie, Age 14, Ran, Age 10 caption: You are never too old for pillow forts!

Typed:  Junie (Beth) Tomlin and her friend Ran. They have turned the couch and most of the pillows in the house into an elaborate fortress from which they plan on watching horror movies. Out of view is Beth Tomlin senior, acting chaperon and provider of snacks.

In blue pen, print: This writing style is a hoot, honey. (Sam Tomlin)

In black pen, cursive: This is how Ran’s mom narrates her slideshows. (Beth “Junior” Tomlin)


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