Job Hunt Log the Fifth: Interviews

Since the post-graduation job hunt began, I have only had two interviews and a few calls where the prospective employer decided that I was not what they were looking for almost instantly. The first interview was for providing content. I think my opening speech was okay, but the people I was talking to did not know what I was talking about. Also, I was late for the interview because I could not find the place.They wanted to know if I was familiar with WordPress, and I was truthful–I said I was familiar with several blogging platforms and would not have a problem with figuring out WordPress. (This is absolutely true. If you can handle Blogger, TypePad or LiveJournal you can handle WordPress with only a minor adjustment.) They immediately decided that they had no use for me, and my efforts to convince them otherwise fell on deaf ears.

The second interview was in the same general direction as the second. (I ended up taking the same bus route. I have since decided that this particular route is jinxed for me.) The first problem I had once again with the interview, was finding the place. The directions I used said I should get off the bus at a street that was a side street instead of a cross street. This meant that I ended up missing my stop. I ended up at the end of the bus line and about an hour and a half late. I was able to call my contact using the phone at a Walgreens to let them know I was going to be late. Then I waited for the bus going in the opposite direction.

With some help from the bus driver, I was able to find the right place to stop, and find the building. Even though I was late, I was able to do the interview, but there were still problems. I have noticed that I am apparently not using jargon correctly, or I otherwise fail to impress the people to whom I am talking. This was I feel a particularly extreme case.  I was tired, out of breath, and flat. I really need to work on my introductory speech. This was the “Communication and Grants Associate” job. I think I mostly screwed up in the Grant area, and I forgot to mention terms like keywords and SEO, as far as the writing aspect of the job was concerned. (Also, I should have done more research, or articulated more about what I did know. I was kicking myself after the fact.)

 I am pretty sure that one of the things that are killing my general performance is the stress of having tried and failed multiple times to have a successful interview. (Another problem would be an extremely competitive job market. No one is really willing to take a chance with someone who is not completely perfect, or does not have extensive experience, or who really stinks at interviews.) Still, I am really glad I was able to get the interview, and that they let me talk to them. I am debating on attempting to call or otherwise contact them. Since they said it would take a week and they would call me in for the second interview if they thought I would qualify and they have not, I am hesitant to do so.


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