Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Four, Julietta Suzuki

In this volume, Tomoe is continuing to go to school with Nanami so he can keep her out of trouble. He very much does not care for going to school however, so he spends a lot of time attempting to convince Nanami to quite school. (When Nanami complains about school, Tomoe tells her she should quit if it’s so hard, for instance.) Nanami meanwhile, is beginning to realize that she has a crush on Tomoe (much to his horror when he finds out).

After an incident in which Nanami manipulates Kurama into letting a girl thank him for helping her, she attempts to set Tomoe up with a girl who has a crush on him. This plan fails spectacularly and causes Nanami to believe that the reason why Tomoe rejected the girl was because he has a romantic attachment to Nanami. Tomoe of course is oblivious to the hearts in Nanami’s eyes, even after Kurama warns him that Nanami might think his behavior toward her is a sign that he has romantic feelings for her.

The situation comes to a head when Nanami attempts to go on a date with Tomoe. (She does this without actually telling him that this little outing she requests is a date.) Tomoe, not realizing that this is a date becomes increasingly exasperated with Nanami and demands an explanation. When Nanami confesses she has a crush on Tomoe, he decides that she has completely lost her mind, much to Nanami’s chagrin.

 In the aftermath of the rejections, Nanami is extremely depressed. To cheer her up, her friends invite her to the beach. Tomoe does not like the idea of Nanami going to the beach, but Nanami goes to the beach anyway, so Tomoe has to go with. Mizuki also invites himself along, much to Tomoe’s aggravation. While at the beach, Mizuki tells Tomoe he knows the real reason that Tomoe did not want to go to the beach.

It turns out that the reason Tomoe did not want to go to the beach is because Tomoe stole one of the eyes of a dragon king. The instant he sets foot in the water the dragon king becomes aware of him, and cages Tomoe in a giant clam. Nanami tries to get the dragon king to release Tomoe, but the dragon king is pretty determined to make Tomoe pay. The dragon king eventually relents after some more arguing, and agrees to release Tomoe if Nanami can get his right eye back. (It turns out that the dragon king’s eyes grant immortality if ingested, among other things.)

Nanami agrees to find the right eye, and the dragon king gives her two days to find it. She goes to Mizuki and asks for his help to go back into the past. Mizuki agrees and sends her back. Nanami finds Tomoe and discovers why he stole the eye. Apparently, Tomoe had gotten involved with a human woman who had become very ill. Tomoe got the eye to cure the human of her sickness. Nanami decides that she cannot take the eye back.

In a very Inuyasha-like twist, it turns out that Nanami somehow has the dragon king’s eye inside her body. A Yokai offers to remove the eye, but this particular yokai is extremely dishonest and tries to kill Nanami instead. Mizuki rescues Nanami from the yokai, and makes himself her shinshi. (He kissed her while she’s asleep.) Nanami now has two shinshi, who do not like each other very much. Nanami takes the eye and she and Mizuki go to rescue Tomoe. (While Nanami is going to Tomoe’s rescue, Tomoe has freed himself from the clam shell and gets ready to cause major damage.)

Nanami and Mizuki take a “turtle cab” to the dragon king’s palace. On the way there they meet a very pretty lady from the dragon clan. She is going to visit her husband and present him with a gift she made for him. Nanami and the lady discuss romance, and Nanami eventually has the realization that even if Tomoe does not see her in a romantic light, there is no reason why she can’t still care about him. Nanami and the lady dragon reach the palace of the dragon king, and Nanami is able to rescue Tomoe (partly with the help of the lady dragon who it turns out is the wife of the dragon king). The volume ends on a happy note that turns into one of dismay when Tomoe discovers that Mizuki is also Nanami’s shinshi now.

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