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Reading: Daybreak 2250 A.D. by Andre Norton, Part Three

starmanssonraftlynxsmallStar Man’s Son/Daybreak has had some pretty awful covers. A few of them try to make Fors look like a TV Western Indian or make him look as if he were in his thirties instead of a teenager. (Though we do not get Fors specific age, I think he would probably be about sixteen or seventeen depending on what was considered “adult” for his culture. The reason for Fors escapade is that he is now too old get an apprenticeship and does not want to be stuck with a low status job for the rest of his life.) Many of them get Lura completely wrong, and many of them are extremely ugly and nonsensical in terms of layout and composition. (This could probably be said of most of the early sf covers. I can often guess what year/decade a book was written/printed in just from how hideous the cover is.) Continue reading


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My First Web Design Project

 The first web page I had was mostly created by a friend of mine, back in 2003 when I was just getting started with using the internet. She had me make a sitemap/basic layout for the project, but she did most of the work. (She had the patience of a saint because my directions and preferences were extremely vague!) Continue reading

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Book Review: The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns by Margaret Dilloway

354 pp.

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns is Dilloway’s second novel and shares some of the same themes as her previous novel, How to be an American Housewife. The book is about the complicated interactions of friends and families, and one of the major issues is estrangement caused by a difficult family situation. It also has the same gimmick of opening the chapter with a quote from a book. (In How to be an American Housewife the book was a  fictional guide book for Japanese brides, in this book, it is a guide book for growing roses. ) Continue reading

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GBE2 Blog On Prompt 71: Lunch Date

Have some fifteen minute fiction.

“So basically I find out that she does not actually remember the part where she was a horrible bully,” Carly said.

“Somehow I am not surprised at all, considering that is what I told you would happen,” Angie said, not looking up from the yarn she was savagely crocheting into submission. “People generally do not like remembering they were assholes, because everyone is the hero of their own story blah, blah, blah. So, other than discovering the Convenient Amnesia Effect, how did the lunch go?”

“Okay, I guess. She mostly talked about her family,” Carly said. “She has a little girl and an older boy, her husband is a lawyer, she’s a school counselor…”

“That sounds scary considering what you’ve told me,” Angie said.

“Yeah,” Carly said. “But I was good and did not do anything creepy like interrogate her, or rant at her.” Carly glanced sidelong at her friend. “Should I have?”

“I don’t know. Probably not, I mean, you can’t tell from one conversation whether someone’s turned over a new leaf or not, right. And even if she doesn’t remember the crap she pulled on you, that’s no reason to think she’d be a bad counselor.”

“Or a good one,” Carly said.


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Reading Homestuck Part Twenty Four: The Intermission Where Everyone is Gangsters Pt. 1!

 From here to here

You have now made it to the Intermission. Do not however get up to stretch your legs or visit the concession stand or restroom. They are not going to be playing Woody Woodpecker cartoons at this drive in. What’s going on in this intermission will be just as important as everything else that has happened up to and including the weird chess piece apocalypse survivors! Continue reading

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Manga Review: Blue Exorcist Volume Two, by Kazue Kato

In the second volume of Blue Exorcist, we are introduced to Rin’s new classmates. Rin acquires an instant rivalry with a boy named Ryuji Suguru, an overachiever who is less than impressed with Rin’s apparent lackadaisical manner. (Rin actually reminds me of kids I have known with ADD. I am not sure if that is what the mangaka was going for though.) They spend a great deal of time sniping at each other, but it seems as if they are going to end up friends (angry argumentative friends). Continue reading

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Book Review: The Long Earth, by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

336 pp.

The Long Earth involves an improbable invention, an astounding discovery and a journey to see how far the rabbit hole goes. The story begins with two people who have a strange experience where they are transported to some strange location. One is a soldier during World War One in France, and the other is a pregnant teenager, who dies shortly after giving birth. Continue reading

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