GBE2 Blog On Prompt 68: Have a Few Reoccurring Dreams

I don’t think I’ve really experienced Déjà vu unless we are talking about my stint in a market research call center where I could swear that I was talking to the exact same five or six people over and over again. (I wasn’t. I am not good at differentiating or recognizing voices and the “sameness” gets worse when I’m listening over the phone. I also have trouble recognizing faces but that’s not quite on topic.) Another instance of possible Déjà vu might be that sinking feeling when I realize that once again that I have failed some essential social test due to not comprehending what I did wrong this time.

So instead, I will tell you about my favorite reoccurring dreams. And by “favorite” I do not actually mean that I like them because a few of them are kind of gross. By “favorite” I mean they are like links book marked by the weird web browser that is my subconscious.

Work place

This dream usually takes place at some variation of  somewhere I used to work. I will go through an entire day of work, though the tasks usually don’t make a lot of sense. I occasionally get into arguments with my manager over something I never remember when I wake up. Other times I will be going in to pick up a paycheck. For variety, I get into arguments over where I work at the location or at a different location or not. Occasionally people I worked with will cameo, occasionally as some kind of monster.

Spiral (school)

This is one of the dreams where I can fly. I will be at some kind of huge school that’s in a castle-like building with a huge garden. I attend classes, go to lunch and have weird conversations with my classmates. After walking all over the school grounds, I usually find a kind of amphitheater. I walk down the various levels, but there doesn’t seem to be a bottom, just spiraling tiers of stone.  


Sometimes they are cats or kittens. Sometimes they are some kind of parrot. Very occasionally they are puppies. I have to take care of them, and I sometimes end up having strange conversations with someone who wants to know more about the kind of pet I am taking care of. Very, very occasionally the pet dream will involve an injured animal that I have to get to the vet. Sometimes the injured animal dies. These are the dreams that can be really pleasant or really horrible.


This dream is particularly gross in all iterations. In the dream my skin will start bubbling and blistering. Sometimes the “bubbles” will actually separate from my body and float around, trailing cilia. Sometimes all my skin will fall off. In some variations of this dream, there is some kind of worm with sharp teeth burrowing around in my body that I have to capture. 


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