GBE2 Blog On Prompt 69: The Opposite of

This is for GBE2 Prompt 69 Impulse.

 This is going to be a very short prompt because I am not an impulsive person. In fact, I am very much the complete opposite. When presented with a decision or an opportunity I tend to be extremely cautious. I want to know everything about my options before doing something. (I am basically a huge coward and have been a huge coward my entire life.)

 The closest I’ve been to “impulsive” have generally been situations where I spoke too quickly or out of turn. These situations generally led to extreme embarrassment and an increased unwillingness to take any risks whether of action or of speech. There have been very few cases in other words, of situations where being impulsive has caused anything good to happen to me.

One of the few occasions where being impulsive actually worked for me was back in 2004, when I decided to quit my job so I could get a job working at a market research call center. (It was not a job where I could have done both of them, since the management at the store I was working at were extremely uncooperative when it came to scheduling, and the call center job was a night job.) This was a fairly risky situation, since I was just going in for (paid) training and technically, had not gotten the job yet. (Unfortunately, the job did not last nearly as long as the second job. The call center closed in 2008.) 

Since I am not impulsive, and this is a boring post, have Wilson Phillips, “Impulsive.” 


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