GBE2 Blog On Prompt 70: Badonkadonk

When I was working at the market research call center, there were a number of older coworkers who can best be described as “characters.” That is to say, they were somewhat eccentric and occasionally kind of off-putting. (This is not to say I was not also eccentric and off-putting. Because I can be.) There was one co-worker in particular who managed to get onto my radar (or I ended up on hers) when she decided to verbally attack another co-worker for using the word “guy” as a gender neutral term. I will call her Ms. Bottom.

Ms. Bottom was very loud, and told offensive, racist jokes in between phone calls. After the “guy” incident, she more or less singled me out by loudly making insulting comments. The content of the insulting comments had to do with my allergies and a persistent respiratory infection I was suffering from at the time. (It was a very nasty, loud wracking cough, and no, I could not control its volume. I got a lot of interviews done from sheer pity though.) She mostly complained that I was making too much noise, even though you could hear her telling jokes and being loud from across the room. She also made comments that I was “obviously crazy.” She was an extremely unpleasant person to deal with if she decided that she did not like you, and after the “guy” incident, she definitely did not like me.

Despite her loudness, most of my co-workers were more or less tolerant of her and she had a few friends. There was this one girl who Ms. Bottom seemed to enjoy joking around with, though I am not sure if the girl enjoyed being joked around with. This is mostly because Ms. Bottom’s favorite “joke” around this girl was talking about her “badonkadonk.” Ms. Bottom was physically incapable of not talking about this girl’s butt. The comments about the butt were endless and annoying though the co-worker would usually go along with the joke until she found somewhere else to be. (This was much easier for the girl when she got a supervisor position.)

“Badonkadonk” is apparently a word for “bottom” that may or may not be in a country song by someone I have never heard of. (She was constantly talking about the song but I was trying very hard to ignore her. Please don’t enlighten me about the song, singer and genre.) Since Ms. Bottom was otherwise extremely homophobic, I am not sure why she was so obsessed with the girl’s “badonkadonk.” I am not even sure she realized how she sounded. (Basically, like a dirty old woman. She was a stock creepy character from an anime, I swear.) Eventually, Ms. Bottom found work elsewhere and my nights at the call center became much quieter, and badonkadonk free.  

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