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Book Review: Lord of Mountains by S.M. Stirling

326 pp.

One thing I will say right off about Lord of Mountains; at least it does not jump around all over the place the way Tears of the Sun did. (Do not worry the layout is not the only good thing about the book. I just really hated the way the last book had been set up.) This book mostly focuses on the first major battle of the war and the politicking afterward. Then the book trails off into pseudo-mystical Arthurian legendry as Rudi and Mathilde have a crowning ceremony and vigil during which they have a dream quest where they talk to their ancestors and descendants. Continue reading


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The “That’s Just How Guys Are,” Argument

(Trigger warning for discussion of rape.)

So, I have been following an argument about misogyny and rape (culture) going on here. The conversation also reminded me of a conversation with someone I knew on an online forum. The two sides of the argument went something like this: On one hand, you have a guy who is blaming rape on the male libido. On the other side of the argument, you have a few people who are attempting to explain that rape is about control and aggression and has almost nothing to do with the actual sex drive. Continue reading

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Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Seven, Julietta Suzuki

In Kamisama Kiss volume seven, Nanami eventually goes to the kamuhakari, though the first few chapters are taken up by side adventures. The volume opens with Mizuki attempting to go to school with Tomoe and Nanami. When his attempt is less than successful, Mizuki decides to go visit Kurama in the big city. The urban environment however is a little too much for him, though he manages to do a good deed for an aspiring actress. (The good deed will probably not make up for the part where Mizuki decided to take the shrine’s offerings with him when he went on his little road trip.)  Continue reading

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Book Review: Elfhome by Wen Spencer

376 pp.

In Elfhome, Pittsburgh continues to be a warzone as the elves attempt to eradicate the invading oni and tensions grow between the city’s residents. With Pittsburgh now stranded on Elfhome, the elves are attempting to enforce their cultural norms on the population, much to the resentment of the half-oni and human portions of the population. Also adding to the tension is the continuing presence of the Stone Clan, which is definitely in the political dog house after the events of the previous book. In this book, Tinker dodges an intrepid news reporter, searches for elven children who have been kidnapped by oni and uncovers evidence of a Stone Clan and oni joint conspiracy. (She also has to deal with cranky paranoid bodyguards and suddenly having a mother.) Continue reading

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Job Hunt Log the Seventh: In Which I Ask Silly Questions and Get a Number of Confused Answers

 A couple months ago It was suggested to me that since I have been having trouble even finding a retail job, that I should go talk to the manager and volunteer to work for free to prove that I could do the work and I could get hired. This struck me as an idea destined for failure, but the person suggesting it stated that this was a thing that could happen. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Twenty Seven: The Intermission Where Everyone is Gangsters Pt. 4!

 From here to here.

 Spades starts off with whacking Eggs’ Egg Timer, smashing it completely. Crowbar’s crowbar has the ability to destroy a temporal artifact and negate its effect on the timeline. This means that there are no longer multiple iterations of Biscuits and Eggs running amok. Hearts Boxcars is directed to attempt to eat Eggs. His attempt is an overwhelming success, and as a result, Biscuits is extremely apprehensive. Continue reading

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GBE2 Blog On Prompt 74: Getting rid of Mental Cobwebs

There are long periods of time where I cannot write at all. I will have many ideas, but no motivation or confidence to write them down, or no ideas and all I can do is stare blankly at the page or the cursor while nothing much happens in my head. Sometimes for a little variety, I will have an idea, but no access to writing materials. Of course, when this happens and I do finally get access to writing materials, the brilliant idea has migrated elsewhere. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when I have projects that I want to work on but cannot because nothing is coming out the way I want it to, or at all.  Continue reading

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