Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Six, Julietta Suzuki

In volume six of Kamisama Kiss, Nanami is recovering from the festival and the Kagura dance she performed. While Tomoe is ragging on Nanami for being so weak and worn out, the mysterious person who “tested” Nanami in the previous volume makes an appearance. It turns out that the mysterious stranger is a wind kami named Otohikogami, and he was a friend of Mikage.

It turns out that Otohikogami is testing Nanami’s worthiness to attend a special conference for kami called the Kamuhakari. He says that he has set up a competition between Nanami and another “human kami” a powerful psychic named Kayako Hiragi. However, neither Nanami nor Tomoe are interested in this contest or the conference, even when Otohikogami indicates that someone at the Kamuhakari might know where Mikage went.

Nanami quickly changes her mind about the contest when she actually meets the girl, who has transferred to her school. Kayako is arrogant, manipulative and something of a brat. As icing on the cake, she appears to have designs on Tomoe. (She attempts to capture Tomoe as her shinshi. She is extremely unsuccessful.)

The proposed test for attending the conference is for each of the girls to take care of a “shikigami egg” until it hatches. (The shikigami egg draws energy from the girls in order to create the shikigami, which causes some plot complications later on.) Nanami manages to break hers on the first day due to a fight with Tomoe. Fortunately, the shikigami inside was not harmed. Unfortunately, the competition becomes extremely dangerous when a mysterious person aiding Kayako sets a spider yokai loose at the school.

This volume introduces a new enemy and reveals a little more about Tomoe’s past. We learn that Mikage found Tomoe after an apparently traumatic event that Tomoe no longer remembers. Nanami does not get “clued in” on this, and is under the impression that Tomoe is lying about his past. In other circumstances I would be a little annoyed by Nanami’s immediate assumption that Tomoe is lying–it is too much like the “ridiculous misunderstanding because heaven forbid the characters talk to each other,” romance cliché. In this case, Nanami’s assumption makes sense due to her father’s feckless abandonment. Despite the setbacks in the storyline, Nanami continues to develop and mature as a character. This continues to be a great series.

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