Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Seven, Julietta Suzuki

In Kamisama Kiss volume seven, Nanami eventually goes to the kamuhakari, though the first few chapters are taken up by side adventures. The volume opens with Mizuki attempting to go to school with Tomoe and Nanami. When his attempt is less than successful, Mizuki decides to go visit Kurama in the big city. The urban environment however is a little too much for him, though he manages to do a good deed for an aspiring actress. (The good deed will probably not make up for the part where Mizuki decided to take the shrine’s offerings with him when he went on his little road trip.) 

Later, Nanami and Tomoe go to an amusement park. It is pretty clear that Nanami has romance on her mind despite Tomoe’s earlier rejection. A woman’s hair pin Nanami finds prompts her to confront him about what she knows of his past. The confrontation backfires because Tomoe has no memory of the woman from his past, and the typical romantic quarrel resulting from a misunderstanding occurs. (I am really not fond of this trope because the setup is usually nothing that couldn’t be solved with common sense and the two protagonists actually communicating. In this case, it is hard to be too annoyed with either of them given their backgrounds.) Despite the misunderstanding, they both manage to have a good time at the park.

The next few chapters involve Nanami’s trip to the kamuhakari. She initially plans to take Tomoe with her, but changes her mind when she discovers that Tomoe might be attacked for having been a “wild fox.” Instead, she takes Mizuki with her, which greatly annoys Tomoe. Nanami also runs into the mysterious person introduced in the previous volume. This mysterious person appears to have some connection to Tomoe and is definitely up to no good.

Once Nanami gets to the kamuhakari, she encounters kami who seem to take an instant dislike to her. She also has some difficulty in actually entering the temple where the conference takes place. After being separated from Mizuki she encounters a stranger who helps her get inside. Once she enters the temple, she is given the job of preventing demons from entering the land of the dead. This is an annual event that coincides with the kamuhakari. Nanami agrees to go, and the volume ends on a cliffhanger.

This was another great volume with interesting twists and turns. The only real issue is the pacing which felt a little off to me. (I think the problem was that the Mizuki storyline and the amusement park storyline took up too much time. This made the last few chapters where we actually go to the kamuhakari to feel a little cramped and rushed.) Despite the pacing issue, I really enjoyed this particular volume.


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