Doing the NaNoWriMo

I decided that I was going to try to do the NaNoWriMo this year. (Unofficially. I didn’t sign up this year.) I have not yet started because of a backlog of other writing I have not been doing. (I wish I could say because of my ongoing job hunt but it is mostly because I keep getting distracted because of stress/depression.)

I am going to be posting chapters on my seldom used creative writing blog Catching Shadows. (They will probably also be friendslocked. I may post small snippets of the story here. If you have a Dreamwidth journal, please feel free to friend me and I’ll follow you back.)

The last time I tried the NaNoWriMo was back in 2010. I only managed to write 13,800 or so words. Looking over my last attempt was pretty difficult for me because all of the really horrible grammar and spelling errors I committed sort of jumped out at me and hit me over the head. (There were also some tone, plotting, world building and character problems that drove me straight up the wall.)

A big part of the problem with the last Nano was that I was trying to do a reboot of a collaboration with a former friend. I was just not able to push past my issues with the original collaboration or breathe some life into the characters and their interactions. (It is extremely frustrating to work on something and realize that you are writing the exact way you did when you were a teenager, or when you were in your twenties.)

This time around, I am going to be attempting a dark fantasy. (Dark and also possibly smutty.) Our Protagonist disappeared during a family vacation when he was sixteen and was found a not yet determined amount of time later severely injured and with no memory of what happened. Now in his twenties he returns to his family’s yearly vacation spot in hopes of finding out what happened. (The only problem here is that I did not do the kind of research I should have been doing instead of dithering.)

In addition to snippets, I will probably also be writing about the characters and the story world building. Hopefully I will be able to get more than 13000 words this year.

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