Not Doing the Nanowrimo…

Much to my frustration, it seems pretty apparent that I will not be able to do the Nanowrimo after all. I am currently having massive trouble with my computer due to one of my hard drives dying on me. At one point, I was pretty sure I had lost everything on my e-drive, but was eventually able to recover my writing, design, and portfolio folders.

I am extremely upset with myself because I do not really have anything in the way of back ups for my writing or other projects. Partly this is because I never got around to buying back up portable hard drives, and partly this is because I can’t currently afford them because I am still not financially solvent.

I am going to be having a friend come look at the computer and see if he can fix it. (Anyone interested in helping out, I have a Pay Pal donate button.) If/when the computer if finished, I might try continuing the nano project, but it does not look likely since I was already having problems writing it.


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