GBE2 Blog On Prompt 78: In Which I Only Pass College Math Classes Because of Helpful People

 This is for GBE2 Prompt 78 Numbers 

The only reason I managed to get good grades in the many, many math classes I had to take when I was in college was because I had help from folks online who did not have a tendency to solve problems backward or skip entire steps because they forgot them. I do not retain math rules/techniques very well! The step by step examples they have in text books often do not work for me because I have no idea of what is supposed to be happening. (Math examples are somewhat less confusing if there is also written instruction along with the example.)

 Math is the one subject that is guaranteed to condense my learning disability into a singularity of bullcrap. It often takes me a little longer to figure things out than most people, and if I do not use what I learned constantly, I will not retain it. (Which is mostly the case with math, for me; I do not generally use a lot of algebra in my day to day life. On the other hand, I read almost constantly, so reading and writing is a little easier for me, even if I occasionally forget grammar rules or make hilarious spelling mistakes, or can’t think of anything TOO write.)

Doing math homework would go something like this:

  • Log into the virtual classroom and go to the online book to do the assignment.
  • Work through problems until you reach one you can’t do.
  • Try to do it anyway.
  • Fail.
  • Failure will be because:

a) Inverted numbers (sometimes I write numbers backward).

b) Inverted procedure (sometimes I do steps in reverse).

c) Incorrect method (sometimes I use a procedure that is other than the one I’m supposed to be doing).

d) Brainfart (a highly technical term meaning my brain refuses to understand what it’s looking at).

  • Cry about it on AIM to Friend Who is Better at Math. Get help! (or) Cry about it on Live Journal and get a helpful response from other Friends Who are Better at Math.
  • Do the problem over correctly.
  • Check answers.
  • Do Quiz.
  • Get mediocre grade.
  • Do Quiz AGAIN if able to take more than once until desired grade is achieved.
  • Collapse. (Thank everyone who helped.)
  • Repeat from beginning.


This is basically how I managed to get good grades in a subject I am not very good at.




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