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Reading: Daybreak 2250 A.D. by Andre Norton, Part Six

starmanssonfakeindiansmallOne of the major reasons I have always liked Daybreak is because of the strong rebuilding theme. A great deal of apocalyptic fiction dwells on the destruction and the complete hopelessness of the situation the characters find themselves in. I find this to be extremely unpleasant, which is why I avoid stories that involve “no win” situations. (In my more depressive moods, I usually state that this is because no-win situations are too much like “real life.”)

Once more returning to the argument with the gentleman concerning my intense dislike for Earth Abides, I was told I had failed to understand the underlying point of the book, which apparently involved how incredibly impossibly hard it would be to restore civilization. I was solemnly enjoined to re-read the book twenty years from now when presumably I would be a little smarter than I was, and therefore better able to understand the deep meaningfulness of not being able to restore civilization. Or something like that.

With Daybreak, the underlying message is “we can rebuild, and we should rebuild, but we also do not want to make the same mistakes the previous civilization made.” This is a lot more interesting to me than, “building a civilization is hard. It is hard and no one understands.” Continue reading


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Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Eight, Julietta Suzuki

In Volume Eight of Kamisama Kiss, Nanami finds herself in the land of the dead. She’s told by the kami in charge of the land of the dead that she is free to leave, but the human who came with her must stay. The kami also lets Nanami know that the “human” is in fact a demon hiding out inside a human body. (The kami of the underworld however does not identify the demon, who is Akura-oh.) Nanami is therefore extremely clueless and does not know that the demon inhabiting Kirihito is actually kind of homicidal, so she decides to stay in the underworld to rescue him. Continue reading

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Book Review: Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire

353 pp.

In Ashes of Honor, Toby finds herself on another missing child case. This time around, it’s the teenaged, changeling daughter of Etienne, one of Toby’s fellow knights. (A daughter Etienne never knew about because her mother had hidden her.) When Chelsea disappears in full view of her friends, her mother contacted Etienne, believing he had kidnapped her. (Word to the wise; if you are a Sidhe, do not every date a professor of folklore. It never goes well.) Continue reading

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Communication Problems

When someone says “you said A1 and A2,” and the other person says “no, I said B, not A,” then it is pretty clear that there is a communication problem.

When someone continues to say “you said A,” and the other person continues to say “no, I said B,” then it is pretty clear that there is still a communication problem.

When someone says “I did not know the issue was A, I thought the issue was B,” they are actually saying “I did not know the issue was A, I thought the issue was B.” This is a communication problem.

When someone attempts to point out that they said “B” and not “A” it is extremely non-helpful to insist that they said “B,” and then make fun of them because they are still trying to explain that they did not say “B.” This is a communication problem.

When someone repeatedly states “no, I said B and I did not claim to have anything to do with A” but the other person keeps insisting that the first person is claiming A there still a problem.

When someone repeatedly requests clarification it is not always trolling or an exercise of “privilege” or “entitlement,” it means they are not understanding something and would like clarification.

Non-neurotypical people exist. Honestly uninformed people who would like to become informed exist. They will not always know the perfectly correct mores or terminology even if they have attempted to become informed on their own. You do not necessarily have to be “nice” when explaining. Simply making sense will do.

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Notes on Universal Usability

Usability is the qualitative measure of the effectiveness of a design. In the context of web design, this means that a website must be designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of users. In other words, a website must be accessible to all users, regardless of their level of experience or physical or sensory ability.

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Book Review: Fate’s Edge, by Ilona Andrews

372 pp.

Fate’s Edge involves Kaldar Mar, cousin of the heroine of Bayou Moon, several characters from On the Edge and a new heroine. Audrey Callahan a former thief who is attempting to make a better life for herself in the “Broken.” Her hopes of staying on the straight and narrow are shattered when her con artist father talks her into stealing a powerful magical item in the Weird. The money from selling the item is supposed to go into getting her drug addict brother into an expensive private rehabilitation center. Against all common sense and despite having very valid reasons not to, Audrey agrees to help her father steal the magical item in exchange for the family leaving her alone forever. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Thirty: ==> Dave: Illegally pirate your friend’s grist!

From hereto here.

 The Authority Regulator is entirely overwhelmed by the Parcel Mistress, but duty comes first! He cannot surrender the parcels PM must deliver because they are illegal contraband. PM will have to petition AR’s superiors for the release of the items! PM points out that she has an official document requesting the items, but AR is only able to give her the envelope. PM puts the envelope into one of the nearby mailbox-things which are called Pyxis. She is forced to follow the Derse Agent, who still has the package. Continue reading

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