Book Review: Fate’s Edge, by Ilona Andrews

372 pp.

Fate’s Edge involves Kaldar Mar, cousin of the heroine of Bayou Moon, several characters from On the Edge and a new heroine. Audrey Callahan a former thief who is attempting to make a better life for herself in the “Broken.” Her hopes of staying on the straight and narrow are shattered when her con artist father talks her into stealing a powerful magical item in the Weird. The money from selling the item is supposed to go into getting her drug addict brother into an expensive private rehabilitation center. Against all common sense and despite having very valid reasons not to, Audrey agrees to help her father steal the magical item in exchange for the family leaving her alone forever.

This leads to the secret services of three countries in the Weird trying to get their hands on the magical item. One of these operatives is Kaldar Mar, an agent of “The Mirror” who attempts to corner Audrey by accosting her at her job in the Broken. Audrey is deeply unhappy about this. She is even less happy when it turns out that her brother sold her out to the secret service of another country. Things get scary fast, and Kaldar and Audrey end up working together to recover the stolen item.

Meanwhile, Jack and George from On the Edge are having a) difficulties with being bullied because they are from the Edge and Jack is a shape shifter and b) think Jack might be sent to an extremely unpleasant military school. This results in their deciding to hitch a ride with Kaldar so they can get out of everyone’s hair before Horrible Things Happen. This turns out to be a very, very stupid idea! They do however end up being fairly useful to Kaldar though he spends most of the book in a cold sweat that the kids will get themselves killed. To make things even more exciting for Kaldar, the niece of the Hand operative who got his family killed wants revenge and is literally out for Kaldar’s blood. (No, really; she wants to bleed him out in hopes of creating a regeneration potion for her uncle.)

The romantic build up is fairly standard for the paranormal romance/urban fantasy romance genre; two characters thrown together who turn out to have synergy and mutual attraction. I was not really interested in the romance though there were some fairly cute matchmaking scenes. I was too busy being aggravated by a supposedly intelligent character going along with a plan that was obviously stupid and detrimental to her future. I was also less than happy about the “addiction is not a mental illness, addicts just like being high more than they like being decent human beings,” vibe I was getting from the narrative.


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